State Audits Issued in the Last 60 Days

You can bulk download agency audits issued between 2009 to present.

Following is a list of all available Taxpayer Guides issued in the last 60 days.

Links to the complete audit reports can be found within the Guides.

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Medicaid Program – Oversight of Managed Long-Term Care Member Eligibility
Agency: Health, Department of (Medicaid Program)
Issued: 08/05/22

Management of Indoor Air Quality for Individuals With Asthma
Agency: Health, Department of
Issued: 08/02/22

Heat and Hot Water Complaints (Follow-Up)
Agency: Housing Preservation and Development, New York City Department of
Issued: 07/13/22

Little Meadows Early Childhood Center, Inc. - Compliance With the Reimbursable Cost Manual
Agency: State Education Department (Preschool Special Education Audit Initiative)
Issued: 07/07/22

New NY Broadband Program
Agency: Empire State Development
Issued: 07/01/22

Oversight and Enforcement of the Rechargeable Battery Law
Agency: Environmental Conservation, Department of
Issued: 06/29/22

Oversight of Transportation Services and Expenses
Agency: Corrections and Community Supervision, Department of
Issued: 06/29/22

Internal Controls Over Selected Financial Operations (Follow-Up)
Agency: Military and Naval Affairs, Division of
Issued: 06/22/22

Oversight of Pupil Transportation Services (Follow-Up)
Agency: State Education Department
Issued: 06/22/22

Street Construction-Related Permits
Agency: New York City Department of Transportation
Issued: 06/13/22