XIII. Employee Expense Reimbursement

XIII.10 Overview

XIII. Employee Expense Reimbursement


This section provides Agencies with guidance on how to process a refund owed to the State by an employee using the Statewide Financial System (SFS). Situations where an employee owes a refund to the State may occur for various reasons. For example, an employee may have: (i) received a duplicate payment, (ii) been paid in error, (iii) received an amount greater than they were entitled to, or (iv) spent more on the State-issued travel card than he or she was entitled to receive in reimbursement on the employee expense report.

When an employee owes the State a refund as the result of an employee expense report, the employee may use the Due to State Offset functionality in SFS, or submit a personal check to the Agency to refund the amount. Agencies must monitor refunds owed to the State by employees. If an employee owing a refund to the State does not frequently submit expense reports, agency officials should ensure the monies are repaid to the State by check.

Depending on how the employee received the overpayment and how the employee returns the funds owed, an Agency must follow the appropriate process as described in the following Sections of this Chapter:

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