Guide to Financial Operations

III.5. Agency Bulkload Interface to the SFS

The Statewide Financial System (SFS) supports the transfer of financial information from State agencies through a bulkload transaction interface process. Through this process, an internal agency system electronically transmits data to the SFS and the SFS creates data extract files to send back to the internal agency system. Agencies may originate bulkload transactions from legacy financial management systems or other SFS Program-approved agency systems that provide critical functionality not available within the SFS.

Bulkload transaction files must meet the file format requirements outlined by the SFS Program. State agencies must certify their files meet the file format requirements by conducting an end-to-end test. The test ensures the SFS can successfully receive the file, the file processes appropriately through the SFS, and the data extract files from the SFS can be received and processed by the originating agency system.

Agencies must complete and maintain an Agency Interface Profile for each of their data systems (including financial management or feeder systems) that interface with the SFS. The Agency Interface Profile will specify the interface file formats (PeopleSoft or Legacy) that will be used for each interfacing agency system. The information stored in the specific profile is used within the programming logic of the SFS to process inbound and outbound transactional files. The maintenance of the Agency Interface Profile by the agency is critical for the processing of their transaction files by the SFS.

Additional information about bulkload interfaces can be found on the SFSSecure site.


Guide to Financial Operations

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