Guide to Financial Operations

III.7. Data Quality

The Statewide Financial System (SFS) software provides enterprise information to Agency decision makers. As a result, the data from transactions needs to be of high quality. To maintain accurate data, it is the responsibility of the Agencies to periodically clean up transactions.

For transactions that have not been cleaned up, the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) will occasionally request SFS to perform clean up activities per the guidelines below.

Purchase Order Guidance

  • Any Purchase Order transaction with a budget status error for 30 days or more should be resolved or deleted
  • Any Purchase Order transaction with a remaining balance less than $500 and less than five percent of the total value remaining not utilized in the last 45 days should be closed
  • Any non-contract Purchase Order transaction that has been inactive for 12 months or more should be closed
  • Any Purchase Order transaction fully expended should be closed

Travel and Expense Report Guidance

  • Any Employee Expense Report which is not approved by the employee's supervisor (with a pending or denied status) within 6 months of creation will be placed in a rejected status

Voucher Guidance

  • Any Voucher transactions that meets the following criteria will be deleted. If vendor is due payment in the future, a subsequent voucher will be required:
    • On-line regular style Vouchers
    • Pending status
    • Last update date of 90 days or older
    • Vendors used for the procurement of goods and services

Periodically, OSC will direct SFS to clean up transactions included in this section. A notice will be published providing the schedule for these activities.


Guide to Financial Operations

REV. 07/22/2019