CUNY Bulletin No. CU-712

New York State Payroll System (PayServ) – CUNY Fiscal Year End (FYE) Rollover of Position Pool Chart of Accounts
Date Issued
May 21, 2021


The purpose of this bulletin is to inform all agencies of the upcoming rollover of the chart of accounts strings mapped to the position pools in PayServ.

Affected Employees

All CUNY employee records will be affected.


To correctly calculate the charges for the split payroll for fiscal year ending 2020-21 and the fiscal year beginning 2021-22, the PayServ chart of accounts must be updated to reflect the 2021-22 budget references where appropriations and segregations have been created by the Bureau of State Accounting Operations.

The appropriation charges to be used for the following fiscal year-end payroll allocation percentages are outlined in the Guide to Financial Operations, Section XV.6.A.

Effective Dates

Effective Institution paychecks dated 07/01/2021.

OSC Actions

OSC Payroll will begin June Lapsing and Fiscal Year End Rollover activities on 06/17/2021 for the Institution paycheck dated 07/01/2021. This will include the completion of the roll-over to the Department Budget Table USA containing the chart of accounts strings for agency position pools.

There should be no disruption to PayServ system availability during this time.

OSC Payroll will provide a list of position pools that will not roll to the 2021-22 Budget Reference for the 2021 Fiscal Year in PayServ (See below in Agency Actions).

OSC Payroll will provide the agencies with a list of position pools that contain lapsing chartfield strings that are due to lapse on 06/30/2021 (Refer to Payroll Bulletin No. 1912).

Agency Actions

Agencies must review the list below of Department Budget Table USA Rows for positions pools that contain chart of accounts strings that will not roll-over to the 2021-22 Budget Reference.

All changes to 2020-21 (Budget Year 2020) position pool chart of accounts data must be completed before 06/17/2021. This includes all position pools that contain chartfield strings due to lapse on 06/30/2021.

Review Payroll Bulletin No. 1912 for a list of chartfield strings due to lapse on 06/30/2021.

Institution agencies must not make any changes to the Department Budget Table USA on or after 06/17/2021 until the 07/01/2021 paycheck has been confirmed (06/23/2021).

OSC Payroll has indicated the following list of position pools that contain a chart of accounts string will NOT roll to the new Fiscal Year Budget Reference:

CUNY Pools not rolled to 21-22 Budget Reference


Questions may be directed to the Payroll System Questions mailbox. Please include Payroll Bulletin No. CU-712 in the subject line.