State Agencies Bulletin No. 1049

Information Regarding the Processing of Layoff Transactions in PayServ
Date Issued
December 30, 2010


To provide information regarding the processing of layoff transactions.

Affected Employees

Employees affected by the reduction in force

Effective Date(s)



Due to the Governor’s reduction in force plan, OSC is providing the following information related to PayServ processing of layoffs.

Additional information regarding the reduction in force may be obtained from the Department of Civil Service.

Reason Codes

PayServ has the following Reason Codes which may be used when removing affected employees from the payroll due to layoffs:

  • LAF – Layoff   Remove an individual with permanent status from a position as the result of a reduction in force.
  • LAD – Layoff Dir   Remove an individual with permanent status who has been displaced by an employee who was bumped as the result of a reduction in force.
  • LAR – Layoff Ret   Remove an individual with permanent status who has been displaced by an employee who has retreated as a result of the reduction in force.
  • RFT – Rif Term   To report the separation of a non permanent employee due to a reduction in force.
  • RFR – Refuse Reassignment   To report the separation of a permanent employee who refuses horizontal reassignment due to the abolishment of positions.
  • RPT – Reemp Term   Remove a non permanent employee due to the certification of a reemployment list.
  • ROT – Reasgn Out   Remove an employee who is being assigned to a position in a new agency within an agency group that is one appointing authority, with no change in title or status.

In addition to the above Reason Codes, PayServ has the following Reason codes which may be used for affected employees that are to remain on the payroll or are rehired:

  • DPD – Displ Dir   Movement of an employee from a higher permanent title to the next lower level title in direct line in lieu of layoff.
  • DPR – Displ Ret   Movement of an employee from a higher permanent title to last lower level title previously held which is not in direct line, in lieu of layoff.
  • PRF – Pref    An appointment from a preferred list.
  • RER – Rerost    Report an appointment of an individual to a competitive, non-competitive or labor class position from a re-employment roster certified by the Dept. of Civil Service
  • RNL – Reasgn Lay   Lateral movement in the same title and grade within an appointment authority (in one payroll agency or across payroll agencies) to avoid layoff prior to an abolition of position taking place.
  • PLR – Plcmt Rost    An appointment from a placement roster.
  • TRL – Tr List    An appointment from a transfer list.
  • RDY – Redeploy    An appointment from a redeployment list.
  • RNI – Reasgn In    Lateral movement in the same title and grade for movements within a payroll agency or between payroll agencies within the same appointing authority.
  • RLV – Rein Lv    Reinstatement from any type of Leave of Absence.

For additional information or questions regarding which Reason Code is appropriate for individual employees, review Department of Civil Service Guidelines for the Administration of Reductions in Force issued January 2006, or contact your Civil Service status examiner or staffing representative.

Salary calculations for the above transactions should be done using normal calculation methods based on the type of transaction; lateral, demotion, etc. Refer to previously released Payroll Bulletins and the Salary Manual for specific information.

Lump Sum Payments

Employees removed from the payroll as a result of a layoff are eligible to receive lump sum payments for accrued overtime, vacation, and salary withholding (lag) at the time of layoff. Normal Time Entry earn codes may be used to report the lump sum payments.

At the employee’s request and in anticipation of reemployment, the agency may withhold the lump sum payments for vacation and salary withholding accruals.

Agencies should review Civil Service Advisory Memorandum 2009-03 for additional information regarding lump sum payments of accruals.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be emailed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.