State Agencies Bulletin No. 1912

Updating PayServ Chartfield Strings for June Lapsing Events
Date Issued
May 21, 2021


The purpose of this bulletin is to inform agencies that position pools and/or chartfield strings in PayServ may require updates for lapsing.

Affected Employees

All agencies with appropriations due to lapse on 06/30/2021 are affected.


Appropriations allocated to certain chartfield strings will be lapsing on 06/30/2021 and will no longer be available for payroll charges.

Effective Dates

This will be effective Institution paychecks dated 07/01/2021 and Administration paychecks dated 07/07/2021.

OSC Actions

OSC has provided a spreadsheet of all current position pools that are affected by lapsing:

June 30, 2021 Lapsing Chartfield Strings in PayServ

A link will be posted on the PayServ Bulletin Board as well as the OSC website.

Agency Actions

Agencies will have to ensure that any position pools that appear on the spreadsheet are updated with valid chartfield strings. If an agency does not believe that the chartfield string associated with the position pool is lapsing they will need to contact their Appropriation Section Representative in OSC’s Bureau of State Accounting Operations to have this information corrected in SFS so PayServ can receive the valid string detail.

Any changes needed in SFS will need to be completed before 06/17/2021 in order for them to be used in PayServ for the Institution check dated 07/01/2021.

If the chartfield string is lapsing on 06/30/2021, agencies will need to insert a new row into the Department Budget Table USA (refer to Job Aid for instructions) in PayServ related to that position pool with a valid chartfield string effective the beginning of the pay period for the check dates listed above. Examples of these dates are as follows:

Inst 07/01/2021   Admin 07/07/2021
Cycle Beg Date   Cycle Beg Date
Current 06/17/2021   Current 06/24/2021
Lag 06/03/2021   Lag 06/10/2021
X-Lag 05/27/2021   X-Lag 06/03/2021

These updates must be completed in PayServ before June 17th for the Institution check dated 07/01/2021 and the Administration check dated 07/07/2021 to ensure that the Payroll files can be successfully processed in SFS.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll System Questions mailbox.

Questions related to SFS may be directed to

Questions related to lapsing appropriations may be directed to the agency’s Appropriation Section Representative or the Appropriations mailbox.