State Agencies Bulletin No. 238

Abolished and Inactivated NYSTEP Positions
Date Issued
March 1, 2001


To explain OSC and agency procedures when filled positions are abolished or inactivated by the Department of Civil Service

Affected Employees

Employees who are being paid from a position (incumbents) or who are on a leave of absence without pay ("encumbents") in positions that have been abolished or inactivated

Effective Date



The Department of Civil Service notifies OSC when a position is inactivated or abolished in NYSTEP. Based on this information, OSC automatically inactivates or abolishes the position in the payroll system. OSC cannot inactivate or abolish a position when a position is incumbered (employee is being paid) or "encumbered" (employee is on a leave of absence without pay).

OSC and Agency Procedures

OSC will use the attached Abolished/Inactivated Position Report to notify agencies when inactivated or abolished positions are incumbered or "encumbered".

The Position Correction Report will be mailed to agencies with the Auditor and Salary Determination Correction Reports.

In the following pay period, agencies must terminate the employee or move the employee into an active position.

The effective date of the Termination or Position Change Request must be no later than the date the position was inactivated or abolished in NYSTEP.

If the agency does not take appropriate action, the employee may be removed from direct deposit and the employee's check may be held by OSC pending a final resolution.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.