State Agencies Bulletin No. 252

Update Incumbent Process
Date Issued
April 24, 2001


To explain the update incumbent process and provide agency related instructions.

Affected Employees

Employees in classified positions in the Executive branch agencies.

Effective Date



When attributes of a position change, the Department of Civil Service (DCS) sends that information to OSC to update the Position Data panels in the payroll system (PaySR). If the position is filled, the updated attributes are inserted into the employee's Job Data panels. The updated row(s) will have the action of POS (position change) and the applicable reason code.

Agency Actions

Agencies should review the employee's Job Data panels each time they are updated by OSC. This will ensure that the employee's job records are correct.

A public query (00-UpdateIncumbent) is available to assist agencies. This query identifies any employee whose Job Data panels were automatically updated on the Action Date selected and displays the following fields:

Position Number Action NY Bargaining Unit
Job Code Description Status Benefit Flag
Name Reason Code Line Number
Employee ID Grade Location Indicator
Employee Record Action Date Reason Description
Job Row Effective Date    

Agency Actions - How to Correct Discrepancies:

Identify and Correct Discrepancies

1) Using the 00-UpdateIncumbent query, review the employee's Job Data panels to determine if the updated field(s) is accurate.

2) If any of the following fields are incorrect, review the NYSTEP record. If NYSTEP is incorrect, contact your NYSTEP Status Examiner. DCS will send the updated information to OSC and the Position Data and the incumbents Job Data records will be updated accordingly:

Bargaining Unit Reg/Temp
Deptid (agency code) Grade
Effective Date Job Code
Full/Part Time NYS Job Code
Position Location NYS Position Number
Jurisdictional Class  

3) If NYSTEP is correct and PaySR is incorrect for the fields above and/or for the following fields, complete the Position Data Request form and fax it to OSC:

Earnings Program
Employee Type
Pay Basis Code

Position Fields Correct, Employee Job Record Incorrect

When the position fields are correct in NYSTEP/PaySR for the position but not for the employee in the position, the employee must be moved to an active position where the position fields are correct for the employee or, if applicable, to an assigned NYS Position Number.

Example - On 9/1 an employee is in an Accountant position. The position is automatically reclassified to a Head Accountant on 10/1. The employee is not qualified, therefore the agency must request a position change in the Job Action Request panel to move the employee to an active Accountant position or to a NYS position, for the Accountant title, effective 10/1.

Changes Impacting Employees Salary

If a field (e.g. Bargaining Unit, Grade) has changed that impacts an employee's salary, a Pay Rate Change is required on the Job Action Request panel.

NOTE: Line Number changes, Position Pool ID changes, and changing the Employee Type from hourly to exceptional hourly, or vice versa, is to be done by the agency on the Position Data panels.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Position Management mailbox.