State Agencies Bulletin No. 258

Agency 'View' Access to PaySR Garnishment Panels
Date Issued
May 25, 2001


To provide agencies with instructions on accessing Garnishment panels and interpreting the information on the panels.

Effective Date


OSC Actions

A new security class has been established which will allow access to five Garnishment panels - Garnishment Spec 1, Garnishment Spec 2, Garnishment Spec 3, Garnishment Spec 4 and Garnishment Balances. Although agencies will be able to 'view' the panels, they will not be able to update the deduction information contained in the panels.

The new security class - 'VGARN' - is for garnishment access only and should be assigned in addition to an employee's primary security class. The Payroll Computer Security User Request Form (AC-2705P) has been revised to allow multiple security class requests. A copy of the revised form is attached.

The path to access Garnishment panels is:

Go - Compensate Employees - Maintain Payroll Data U.S. - Use - Garnishment Spec Data - Garnishment Spec Data 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Go - Compensate Employees - Maintain Payroll Data U.S. - Inquire - Garnishment Balances - Garnishment Balances.

Copies of the panels with explanations of the various fields are attached for agency reference.

Agency Actions

We are requesting that agency Payroll Officers provide their security coordinators with a copy of this bulletin with attachments. Form AC-2705P should be completed and submitted to your security coordinator to add the secondary class, 'VGARN', to an employee's security profile.

This new security class should be limited to those staff in the payroll or human resources office who have deduction related responsibilities or who have been assigned the task of providing garnishment information to employees upon inquiry.


Questions regarding the new security class should be directed to your agency security coordinator.

If assistance is needed in identifying your security coordinator, please contact the OSC Security Office at (518) 402-4050.

Questions related to the Garnishment panels may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.