State Agencies Bulletin No. 262

Lapsed Account Codes in State Payroll System (PaySR)
Date Issued
May 31, 2001


To provide PaySR records retention and records deletion policies for lapsed account codes.

Affected Agencies

Agencies that maintain accounts through the OSC Central Accounting System (CAS).

Effective Date

July of each calendar year.

Background Information

The Bureau of State Payroll Services has deleted Central Accounting System account codes from the state payroll system (PaySR), that lapsed on or before 3/31/1999.

OSC will continue to delete lapsed account codes each year in July. Records will be deleted for any account codes that lapsed on or before March 31 of the preceding year.

OSC will not delete account codes that have a related Position Pool.

In February or March of each year, OSC will produce listings of active positions that are assigned to position pools with lapsed account codes.

Agency Action

The agency should review the listing of active positions and take one of the following actions:

  • Change the account code on the position pool. This will affect all positions associated with the position pool.
    Path: Go - Define Business Rules - Define Budget/Encumbrance (U.S.) Setup - Position Pool Table - Update/Display.
  • Change the position pool on the related position records. Each position assigned to the position pool will need to be changed if the account code has lapsed.
    Path: Go - Manage - Use - Position Data (Agency) - Position Data 1 Update/Display.

Notify the Payroll Services Systems Unit, by fax at (518) 473-5073, (Attention: Employee Maintenance Team) to delete inactive position pools.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.