State Agencies Bulletin No. 308

Fiscal Year Changes for the Budget Year 2002
Date Issued
March 21, 2002


To inform agencies of the new Fiscal Year 2002 process.

Affected Employees

All agencies - Fiscal Year beginning April 1, 2002

OSC Actions

Position Pool IDs:

The account code for the position pool IDs will automatically be charged to the new Fiscal Year 2002 when the maximum effective date on the Account Code Table is April 1, 2002, unless a Budget Year is specified on the Position Pool Table. It is not necessary to insert a row and make any changes on the Position Pool Table.

Continuous Split Charges currently reported on the Position Pool Table will not be canceled.

Deleting Position Pools:

If a position pool is no longer used by the agency and should be deleted, please notify Kathleen Potter at (518) 486-1000. Please make sure no position numbers are tied to the position pool that is to be deleted.

Agency Actions

Reporting Line Number Changes:

There is no realignment process. Agencies that want to make line number changes for the position should not enter these transactions until pay period

  1. To change a line number, use the path:
  • Go
  • Manage Positions
  • Use
  • Position Data (Agency)
  • Position Data 1
  • Update Display

The effective dates should be March 28, 2002-Administration and April 4, 2002-Institution.Note: Any line numbers submitted need to also be reported to NYSTEP first.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.