State Agencies Bulletin No. 325

Revised Procedure for Use of NPAY766 Employee Address Not Barcodeable Report
Date Issued
June 14, 2002


To revise the procedure described in Bulletin 302 for non-barcodeable addresses and to provide guidelines for writing barcodeable addresses

Affected Employees


Effective Date


OSC Actions

OSC will resume producing an updated NPAY766 report on a weekly basis. This update will be run on weekends.

Report Description

NPAY766, Employee Address Not Barcodeable Report, contains employees' addresses that do not meet U.S. postal standards for bar code mailing. These addresses may look correct but are not acceptable as determined by analyses using Postal Service software. The report includes: Department ID, Employee ID, Name, and the non-bar code address, including zip code, as entered on the Personal Data 1 panel.

The report also includes total number of employees, total addresses not barcodeable, and any foreign addresses for a Department.

Agency Actions

  1. Review the report each pay period
  2. Use the attached "Guidelines for Writing Barcodeable Addresses" to identify and correct common errors. If this doesn't resolve the errors, advise employees to contact their local post office.
  3. Inform employees that:
    1. A bar code address is not simply a zip code + 4 digit address.
    2. Every post office has a Delivery Supervisor who can help find the correct address.
    3. The incorrect address should be presented to the post office in writing or specifically described over the telephone so the post office understands exactly how the address appears.
  4. Update employees' addresses using Personal Data 1 Panel.

NOTE: Foreign addresses are not barcodeable.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.

Attachment - Guidelines for Writing Barcodeable Addresses