State Agencies Bulletin No. 327-A

2002 Productivity Gain Program Lump Sum Payments for Employees Represented by NYSCOPBA (BU01) and Council 82 (BU61)
Date Issued
June 24, 2002


To notify agencies of the procedures for processing Productivity Gain Payments

Affected Employees

Employees in the Security Services Unit (BU 01) and Security Supervisors Unit (BU 61)

Payment Date(s)

The payment will be processed in a separate check in payroll period 6 Lag, check dated 7/11/02, for employees in Institution agencies and payroll period 7 Lag, check dated 7/17/02, for employees in Administration agencies.

Contract Provisions/ Eligibility Criteria/Payment Information

In accordance with the 1999-2003 Agreements between NYSCOPA, Council 82 and the State of New York a pilot Productivity Gain Program has been established to encourage, promote and improve morale, attendance and productivity.

Employees who meet all of the following criteria are eligible for a Productivity Gain payment as described below.

  • Be full time, annual salaried employees in Bargaining Unit 01 or 61 for the entire fiscal year (4/1/01 through 3/31/02). Note: Employees who changed bargaining units during the fiscal year (including, 01 to 61 or 61 to 01) are not eligible.
  • Have one or more years of full time continuous service on the annual commencement date of the program (4/1/01), regardless of bargaining date.
  • Have 80 or more hours of accumulated sick leave credits on the annual commencement date oft he program, 4/1/01.
  • Use 6 or fewer days of sick leave during the fiscal year 4/1/01 through 3/31/02, exclusive of sick leave days utilized and charged for documented instances of bereavement, in accordance with Article 14.3.

Employees who meet the eligible criteria stated above, who have, since 4/1/02, been placed on leave, become inactive, or changed bargaining units, remain eligible for the payment.

The Productivity Gain Payment is not pensionable, but is used in the calculation of overtime and pre-shift briefing pay beginning 6/13/02 (Institution) and 6/20/02 (Administration) and ending 6/11/03 (Institution) and 6/18/03 (Administration).

For additional information regarding eligibility criteria, refer to the Governor's Office of Employee Relations memorandum from Seren A. Hrachian, dated August 14, 2001, Pilot Productivity Gain Program.

For all qualified employees, payment will be as follows:
# of Sick Leave days used Payment Amount
0 $1000
more than 0, up to 1 850
more than 1, up to 2 700
more than 2, up to 3 550
more than 3, up to 4 400
more than 4, up to 5 250
more than 5, up to 6 100
Productivity Gain Exchange Options

An eligible employee may opt to apply a portion of the Productivity Gain payment to reduce the employee-share premium of NYSHIP health insurance coverage or apply a portion of the payment to the NYS Health Care Spending Account for qualified, un- reimbursed medical expenses.

For additional information regarding these options, refer to the Governor's Office of Employee Relations memorandum from Seren A. Hrachian, dated May 7, 2002, Health Insurance/Health Care Spending Account Productivity Gain Exchange Program: Sick Leave Use FY 2001-02.

Agency Procedures

The following new earn codes have been established, effective 3/31/02, for reporting payment information on the Additional Pay panel:

  • PGP (Productivity Gain Payment): Use to report the total amount of the Productivity Gain Payment. This is the amount that will be used in the calculation of overtime and pre-shift briefing pay.
  • APG (Adjust PGP Health Insurance Credit): Since the full amount of PGP must be reported to record the amount of the Productivity Gain payment and, in order to ensure that overtime and pre-shift briefing is calculated correctly, the earn code APG was established to report the amount to be withheld from the PGP earnings for employees who choose an option under the Productivity Gain Exchange plan.
Reporting the Earn Code PGP (Productivity Gain Payment) on the Additional Pay Panel:
Earnings Code: Enter the Earn Code PGP
Effective Date: Enter 6/13/02 (Inst)* or 6/20/02 (Admin)*
OT Eff Date: Enter the same date as above
Annual Addl Earnings: Enter the total amount of PGP earnings.
Earn End Date: Enter 6/11/03 (Inst)* or 6/18/03 (Admin)*
Current Goal Balance: Leave Blank
Click OK to PAY  
Reporting the Earn Code APG (Adjust PGP Health Insurance Credit) on the Additional Pay Panel:
Earnings Code: Enter the Earn Code APG
Effective Date: Enter 06/13/02 (Inst)*
or 06/20/02 (Admin)*
Earnings: Enter a minus sign and the amount to be withheld from the PGP earnings.
Goal Amount: Enter the same amount as stated in the Earnings Amount field, preceded by a minus sign.

Click OK to PAY

  • Use the dates stated above for both active and inactive employees. However, if the employees is not in bargaining unit 01 or 61 on the effective date stated above, you will not be allowed to enter either of these earn codes. Therefore, if the employee's bargaining unit is other that 01 or 61, you must enter the last date (after 3/31/02) in which the employee was in an eligible bargaining unit. Use this date as the Effective Date, OT Eff Date, and Earn End Date.

Automatic Recalculation of Pre-Shift Briefing And Agency Responsibility

After all Job Requests, Additional Pay and Job Data transactions have been processed for Period 6 Lag (Institution) and 7 Lag (Administration), OSC will automatically recalculate pre-shift briefing earnings (PS1).

A new PS1 row will be inserted into the Additional Pay panel with the effective date of 6/13/02 for Institution or 6/20/02 for Administration for employee's receiving PGP. OSC will also update all PS1 rows on the Additional Pay panel that have an effective date that is equal to, or greater than, 6/13/02 for Institution or 6/20/02 for Administration.

PS1 earnings will not be recalculated for employees who are active or on a paid leave of absence and the amount of PS1 is $24.00 or $48.00.

PS1 will not be recalculated if the employee is receiving the payment, but is inactive on 6/13/02 (Institution) or 6/20/02 (Administration).|

Agency Responsibility:

OSC will not automatically recalculate PS1 earnings entered beyond payroll period 6 Lag (Institution) or 7 Lag (Administration). Instead, the agency will be responsible for reporting the new PS1 earnings when the Productivity Gain Payment is reported after the initial pay period.

Additional Payment Information

When both PGP and APG earn codes are reported, the employee's gross check will be automatically calculated as follows:Total PGP Earnings Amount - Total APG Amount = Gross Amount of Separate Check.

The PGP will be paid in a separate check.

There will be no direct deposit for this payment.

The earnings code(s) PGP, APG will appear on the payroll register. The earnings description, Productivity Gain Payment, Adjust PGP Health Ins. Credit will appear on the employee's check stub.


Questions regarding the Health Insurance options identified in this bulletin should be directed to your Health Benefits Administrator.

Questions regarding submission of this payment may be directed to your payroll auditor.