State Agencies Bulletin No. 338

Prioritizing Renamed Private Queries in Preparation for the Upgrade
Date Issued
September 13, 2002


To notify agencies of the next step in the PS Query Upgrade process and to remind agencies that it is not too late to rename queries before the upgrade.

Affected Employees

All PS Query users who renamed queries in response to Payroll Bulletin 328 (Renaming PS Queries in Preparation for the Upgrade).

Effective Date



Payroll Bulletin 328, issued July 1, 2002, outlined the procedures for reviewing and renaming queries so that they will be available after the payroll upgrade. The next step in the Query upgrade process is to prioritize renamed private queries so that those needed immediately after the upgrade will be available for agency use.

OSC Actions

According to Bulletin 328, OSC was to send a list of the renamed queries and a new Payroll Bulletin with instructions for prioritizing the renamed queries. However, instead of sending the list of renamed queries with this Bulletin, the list of queries to be prioritized, along with instructions, will be sent in a letter to agency payroll officers. Only those agencies that have renamed queries will receive the letter and attachment(s). This approach will allow the distribution of individualized lists to each user who renamed queries in response to Bulletin 328.

Agency Actions

Following receipt of the letter and query list(s) from OSC, agency payroll officers should distribute a copy of the letter and the appropriate list to the named user. The letters and query lists will be mailed immediately after publication of this Bulletin.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Query Help mailbox.