State Agencies Bulletin No. 340

Eligibility Criteria Change Regarding the 2002 Productivity Gain Lump Sum Payment for Council 82 and NYSCOPBA
Date Issued
September 24, 2002


To provide information regarding changed eligibility criteria

Affected Employees

Employees in Bargaining Units 61 and 01

Effective Date


Change in Eligibility Criteria

In accordance with GOER memorandums dated September 6, 2002 and September 18, 2002, employees who changed bargaining Units from Security Services (BU01) to the Security Supervisors (BU-61), or vice versa, during the Productivity Gain Program Year 2001-2002 shall be considered eligible for the Productivity Gain Program as if they were in one bargaining unit for the entire program year. However, they must satisfy all the other conditions of the program consistent with the side letter to the agreement and Payroll Bulletin No. 327.

Agency Procedures

Reporting procedures remain the same as stated in Payroll Bulletin No. 327 and Payroll Bulletin No. 330 except that agencies will NOT have the ability to click OK to pay. Any overtime paid from the effective date of the payment to date will automatically be adjusted.


If you have any questions on the changed eligibility criteria, contact Seren Hrachian at GOER at (518) 473-3975.

If you have any questions regarding payroll submission, contact your payroll auditor.