State Agencies Bulletin No. 343

New Bargaining Unit 31, Council 82 Agency Law Enforcement Services Unit
Date Issued
October 21, 2002

Affected Employees

Employees in the following titles who were previously in Bargaining Unit 01, New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association, Inc. (NYSCOPBA) or Bargaining Unit 61, Council 82 Security Services Unit:

  • Environmental Conservation Investigator 1
  • Environmental Conservation Investigator 2
  • Environmental Conservation Officer
  • Environmental Conservation Officer Sp L
  • Environmental Conservation Trainee 1
  • Environmental Conservation Trainee 1 Sp L
  • Environmental Conservation Trainee 2
  • Environmental Conservation Trainee 2 Sp L
  • Forest Ranger 1
  • Forest Ranger 2
  • Park Patrol Officer
  • Park Patrol Officer Sp L
  • Park Patrol Officer Trainee
  • Park Patrol Officer Trainee Sp L
  • Supervising Environmental Conservation Officer
  • University Police Investigator 1
  • University Police Investigator 2
  • University Police Officer 1
  • University Police Officer 1 Sp L
  • University Police Investigator 2

Effective Date

Effective 8/19/2002.  To be processed in checks dated 10/23/2002.


On August 19, 2002, the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB) certified Council 82 as the bargaining representative for State employees in the titles listed above. A new bargaining unit (31) was established for this purpose.

Employees transferred to this bargaining unit will retain the same payment eligibility as in their current contract until a new contract has been approved.

Dues and agency shop fees for the affected employees will increase from $17.59 to $22.12, beginning with the October 23 paychecks, with no retroactive adjustment.

The employees will no longer be eligible for the following programs, and deductions will be discontinued by the NYSCOPBA insurance carriers:

322 NYSCOPBA Cancer Ins.
374 NYSCOPBA Property/Cas Ins (LIB)
375 NYSCOPBA Short Term Disability
376 NYSCOPBA Term Life
377 NYSCOPBA Accidental Death
379 379 NYSCOPBA Whole Life

OSC Actions

Position Data

On October 10, 2002 OSC automatically inserted rows into the Position Data Panel with the following information:

Effective Date: 8/19/2002
Salary Plan: SEC
Earnings Prog ID: N31 for positions with Pay Basis Code Ann
H31 for positions with Pay Basis Code HRY
Bargaining Unit: 31

All subsequent rows on the Position Data panels were updated.

Job Data

Rows were inserted into the Job Data panels for affected employees, effective 8/19/2002, with the following information:

Action: Position Change
Action Reason: Z02, Bargaining Unit Change
Earnings Prog ID: 31 for positions with Pay Basis Code ANN
H31 for positions with Pay Basis Code HRY
Bargaining Unit: 31
Union Code: 82
Benefit Flag: G
Salary Admin Plan: SEC

Rows were inserted into the Job Data panels with the next sequence number for all subsequent rows.

Deduction Processing

A row was inserted in the Benefit Program Participation effective 8/19/2002 for Benefit Program 31C.

All active rows in the General Deduction panel for NYSCOPBA Dues (Code 291) or NYSCOPBA Agency Shop Fees (Code 295) were end dated. A row was inserted with an effective date of 8/19/2002 for Council 82 Agency Shop Fees (Code 213).

Employees who are currently in bargaining unit 61 will continue to have Dues/Agency Shop deducted using the same deduction codes.

  • Note: If an employee was previously represented by NYSCOPBA, and subsequently elects to become a member of Council 82, agencies must start deductions for Code 202 using normal procedures. Due to the automatic changeover to the new bargaining unit, these transactions need to be entered after October 11, 2002.

Agency Responsibility

Reporting Earnings

The new Earnings Program N31 for salaried employees contains all of the earn codes currently in the Earnings Program N01 as well as the earn codes currently in the Earnings Program N61 that are not in the N01 Earnings Program. Since the affected employees continue to be eligible for only the earnings they were eligible for in their previous bargaining unit, the agency must be careful to select the appropriate earnings when reporting earn codes in the Time Entry or Additional Pay panel.

Agency Queries

Two new Public Queries are available to identify the Position Data records and the Job Data records that have been automatically updated by OSC.

  1. UG_00_BU_31_SYS_UP_JOB - Identifies employees and all Job Data rows that have been inserted with the new bargaining unit information.
  2. UG_00_BU_31_SYS_UP_POSITION-Identifies Position Data rows that have been inserted or updated with the new bargaining unit information.


Questions regarding the automatic update of Position Data and Job Data may be directed to the Position Management mailbox

Questions regarding deductions may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.

Employee questions concerning changes to the Benefit Programs and Dues/Agency Shop rates should be referred to the employee's local union representative.