State Agencies Bulletin No. 349

Elimination of Fiscal Year Earnings Balances
Date Issued
November 7, 2002


To inform Payroll Officers of the upcoming Fiscal Year Earnings Balances purge and provide instruction on obtaining this information using PS Query.

Effective Date

November 12, 2002

OSC Actions

Due to the continued need to purge excess data from the payroll system, on the weekend of November 9, 2002, OSC will purge all Fiscal Year Earning Balances and will discontinue creation of these balances.

Agency Actions

There are several new queries that will return earnings information for individual employees. These were created in response to requests from Payroll and HR offices so that they could provide earnings statements for employees who had applied for loans, mortgages, etc.

There are two sets of queries. Each set includes a query for archived (ARC) and non-archived data. The first set returns gross pay received. The second set includes a prompt on an earnings code and returns earnings associated with that single code. The reason for the second set is that sometimes requests for earnings specify that only regular earnings should be included. Any earnings code can be entered in the prompt.

Set 1 - Gross Earnings
UG_IND_ARCHIVE_PAY_BETWN_DATES (archived data, gross pay)

Set 2 - Prompt on Earnings Code
UG_IND_EARN_PRMPT_BETWN_DATES (prompt on a single earnings code)


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.