State Agencies Bulletin No. 354

2002 OGS Bonus Payment
Date Issued
November 14, 2002



To explain procedures for processing payments.

Affected Employees

CSEA Operational Services Unit (BU 03) in the Office of General Services.

Effective Date

Pay period Administration 18 lag, check dated December 18, 2002.

Payment Amount and Eligibility Criteria

Pursuant to Memorandum of Understanding between OGS and CSEA, dated May 31, 2000, annual salaried employees in the title Building Service Assistant 1, including employees in titles scheduled to be reclassified to this title, who have at least one year of service are eligible for a discretionary lump sum payment based on an assessment evaluation for a specified rating period. The full rating period for the 2002 payment is 11/1/01 - 10/31/02.

The amount of the payment cannot exceed $500.

Eligible employees who were part-time during the rating period are entitled to a pro-rated amount.

Eligible employees who are currently inactive, including those on leave without pay, are entitled to receive the payment immediately.

Agency Procedures

To pay eligible employees, enter the following information in the Additional Pay panel:

Earn Code:  OGS
Effective Date:  11/21/02 for active and inactive employees*
O.T. Effective Date:  11/21/02 for active and inactive employees*
Earnings:  Amount of payment
Earn End Date:  11/19/03 for active and inactive employees*
Goal Balance:  Leave Blank
Click OK to Pay
Save the Transaction  

* To pay employees who are currently active, but no longer in an eligible title, the date entered must be the last date the employee was in an eligible title.

The OGS payment will be included in the calculation of overtime for the period 11/21/02 through 11/19/03.

Note: If an employee receiving this payment is subsequently appointed to another title that is ineligible for the payment, the agency must insert a row to end the earnings by entering the last date the employee was in an eligible title as the Effective Date and the Earn End Date. The agency must also fill in the Goal Balance with the amount of the payment.

Miscellaneous Payment Information

The Bonus Payment is not pensionable.

Payroll Register and Employee's Check/Advice

he OGS earnings will be included in the employee's regular paycheck or advice. The earn code OGS and the amount will be displayed on the payroll register. The earn code description OGS Bonus and the amount will appear on the employee's check or direct deposit advice.


Questions about payment processing may be directed to your payroll auditor.