State Agencies Bulletin No. 410

Contract Pay for SUNY Employees in Pay Basis Code 21P
Date Issued
July 1, 2003


To provide an overview of SUNY Contract Pay and highlight the changes resulting from the Payroll System upgrade.

Affected Employees

SUNY Employees in Pay Basis Code 21P


Contract Pay is the process used by the Payroll System for employees in Pay Basis Code 21P to equally distribute the employee’s wages over a predetermined period of time. The dates of the contract are determined by SUNY System Administration and stored in the Payroll System. All colleges have the same contract dates in a year. All dates are set up on the Contract Pay page for the entire period of the contract, 21 pay periods, regardless of the employee’s date of appointment. The Payroll System will divide the yearly salary over the 21 pay periods and each paycheck will be determined by that calculation.

If the employee is appointed after the contract begin date stated on the Contract Pay page, the Payroll System will calculate the prorated amount of the contract to be paid to the employee, based on the effective date of the employee’s placement into the 21P position, and determine the biweekly payment based on the contract amount. The Payroll System will also calculate the payment for retroactive appointments and all other retroactive transactions that affect the earnings or contract amount.

The Contract Pay page is effective-dated, and stores the employee’s contract dates. A new set of contract dates must be entered for each year the employee is in a 21P position.

The payments for Contract Pay are recorded on the Additional Pay page using the Earnings Code CON, C17, C18, and C19. The Earnings Code is system-generated and system-updated with a new effective-dated row posted for each biweekly payment having an earnings change. These changes can be based on a new salary, new work percentage, leave date, or reinstatement from a leave date, regardless of whether the effective date is reported on a retroactive or current basis. When the Goal Balance (the amount paid to the employee) is equal to the Goal Amount (the amount of the contract), the payments end.

At the end of the contract year, the payments will end BUT the employee will remain in active status.


Administer Workforce>Administer Workforce (GBL)>Use>Contract Pay (Agency)

New Fields

  • Monthly Frequency: Defaults to M
  • Review Contract Automatically?: Not used
  • Actual Start Date: Not used
  • Termination Date: Not used

System Processing Changes

The Contract Pay page will be automatically populated by the Payroll System when a SUNY employee is hired, rehired, concurrently hired, transferred, or when a position change is processed within the contract year to a position whose pay basis code is 21P (if no current contract exists). The contract dates will be stored on the Department page and updated annually.

Agency Changes

The agency will no longer need to enter contract dates for employees moved into 21P positions after the beginning of the academic year.


Questions regarding processing payroll transactions using the upgraded Payroll System (PayServ), may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.

Prior to August 4, questions will be answered within two business days. After August 4, questions will be answered within 24 hours.