State Agencies Bulletin No. 792

Schedule for Agency Payroll Submission and Availability of Reports and Files
Date Issued
February 21, 2008


To provide agencies with the schedule for payroll submission and the dates for availability of payroll reports and files.


Each fiscal year, OSC provides a schedule of cutoffs and pertinent payroll processing dates that the agencies must follow. This bulletin provides agency entry deadlines for the following processes:

  • Automated Interface Submission
  • Online Transaction Entry
  • Miscellaneous Time Entry File Submission
  • Online Deduction, Tax and Direct Deposit Transaction Entry
  • Online Back End Split Entry

Effective Date(s)

Fiscal Year 2008-09


For agencies paid on a lag basis, the submission deadline is generally the last day of the payroll period (Wednesday). For agencies paid on a current basis, the submission deadline is generally the last day of the previous payroll period (Wednesday).

Due to holidays and special processing, earlier submission deadlines are necessary to ensure that paychecks are issued timely. To assist agencies in identifying the earlier deadlines, the dates have been bolded on the Schedule for Agency Payroll Submission and Report and File Availability.

Note: As contracts are implemented, the cutoff dates may change. Agencies will be notified of any changes via the PayServ Bulletin Board.

Time Entry Transactions

Online Time Entry earnings may be entered only during the time frames listed on the schedule. Agencies submitting Miscellaneous Payment Files may enter corrections for rejected file transactions on the workday following the file submission deadline.

Automated Interface Files

Inbound files must be submitted by the established deadlines to ensure timely processing.

Note: If an agency anticipates a delay or has technical issues that prevent the agency from meeting the established deadline, the agency representative must send an email to the Payroll Deductions mailbox to report the problem.

Agency Procedure: Entering Transactions After the Deadline

After the agency deadline, the agency must not enter any data into the Position Data, Job Data, Job Request, Additional Pay, Hire, Rehire, or Concurrent Hire pages, until the 2nd Friday after the agency deadline, unless the effective date of the action(s) is within, or subsequent to, the following pay period.

Requesting “Additional” Transactions

OSC recognizes that occasionally there may be an extraordinary circumstance that prevents an agency from meeting the established deadline.

After the submission deadline, if an agency determines that there is an urgent transaction that was not entered, the agency may request that OSC accept an “additional” transaction. The agency should contact their Payroll Auditor.

If the “additional” transaction requires salary determination, the agency should contact Anastasia Strokes at 518-486-3051 or Eileen Collins 518-486-3059 of the Salary Determination Unit.

Exceptions: The following agencies must contact their Payroll Auditor for salary-related “additional” transactions:

  • State University of New York (Unclassified Service)
  • Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (hourly)
  • Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
    (one of the 51XX9 agencies)
  • Industrial Exhibit Authority
  • Division of Military and Naval Affairs (01071and 01072)

Requests for "additional" transactions from the following agencies must be emailed to the Team Supervisors (Maureen Connors or Cindy Kopacz) or faxed to 518-474-2601:

  • City University of New York
  • Legislative Agencies
  • Unified Court System

Note: If an “additional” transaction is requested and approved, an additional AC 3202 (Payroll Certification Form) must be submitted to OSC. Refer to Payroll Bulletin No. 460 for further instructions.


Questions about the Schedule for Agency Payroll Submission should be directed to your Payroll Auditor.

Questions regarding Control-D reports or file availability may be directed to the Payroll Deduction mailbox.