State Agencies Bulletin No. 938

New Reason Code for Transactions Requiring Budget Director’s Approval (BDA)
Date Issued
November 9, 2009


To inform agencies of the new Reason Code BDA on the Position Data page and the new Job Data Reason Code BDA to be used for certain Job Action Requests.

Affected Employees

Employees for whom a BDA (Budget Director’s Approval) is required

Effective Date(s)



Pursuant to the Division of the Budget (DOB) Bulletin D-1126 issued 11/6/09, agencies will be required to apply for Budget Director’s Approvals (BDA) through the new automated process as indicated in the Budget Bulletin.

Upon approval by DOB, NYSTEP will send the information to OSC on the NHRP524 Position file with the information formerly conveyed on the BDA form. The NHRP524 will update the approved salary rate or equated to grade fields on the affected Position Data page using the new Reason Code BDA and the effective date of the transaction. The incumbent will not be updated.

OSC will not have access to view a BDA prior to approval in NYSTEP.

OSC has created the new Reason Code BDA to be used for certain Job Action Requests that will allow DOB, Civil Service, OSC and agencies to more easily identify transactions which have BDA approval.

OSC Actions

OSC has created the new Reason Code BDA to be used for Job Action Requests of Transfer, Pay, Position or Data Change that require Budget Director’s Approval (BDA).

Code Description
BDA Budget Director’s Approval

OSC Position Management will update the positions for transactions received on the NHRP524 that do not update automatically.

Agency Actions

Effective immediately, agencies must enter Reason Code BDA when submitting transactions through the Job Action Request page that require an approved BDA.

  • XFR/BDA: Used when an employee transfers to a position that requires a BDA.
  • POS/BDA:
    • Used when an employee is appointed to a position that requires a BDA: or
    • Used when there is a change to an attribute of the current position that requires a BDA (example:
      Change to the Equated Grade).
  • PAY/BDA: Used to apply a new pay rate for a position that requires a BDA.
  • DTA/BDA: Used only to update the Anniversary Date or Increment code for a position that requires a BDA.

The reason codes of transactions already approved in PayServ that require BDA approval should not be changed.


Questions regarding Position Data may be emailed to the Position Management mailbox.

Questions regarding Job Data and Job Action Requests should be emailed to the Salary Determination mailbox.