State Agencies Bulletin No. 953

Changes to the General Comments Page on PayServ
Date Issued
December 11, 2009


To inform agencies of changes to the General Comments page.


The General Comments page is available for all Payroll users to store or communicate supporting information on an employee’s record. Agencies must use the General Comments page when additional information is required by OSC for processing a transaction. The General Comments page may also be used by agencies for internal record keeping purposes and is used by OSC to describe changes made to employee records that were made by OSC Staff.

There is only one General Comments page for each employee regardless of how many records the employee has.

Effective Date(s)


OSC Actions

OSC has updated the General Comments page so that when a new General Comment is entered into an employee’s record, the Comment Date field will automatically default to the date entered and the Sequence Number field will default to the next available Sequence Number.

Agency Information

Agencies will no longer be able to enter into the Comment Date or Sequence Number fields when entering a new comment.

Agencies are not able to modify an existing General Comment. If an agency needs to change or add to an existing General Comment, the agency must enter a new comment detailing the appropriate information. The new comment should include the Comment Date and Sequence Number of the comment being changed.

For procedures regarding entering a General Comment, please refer to Payroll Bulletin No 412 dated July 1, 2003 for additional information.


Questions regarding the changes to the General Comments page may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.