SUNY Bulletin No. SU-314

Pilot Program Establishing Temporary Overtime Rates for Employees in Certain Titles Represented by the Public Employees Federation (PEF) or the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) Working at a State University of New York (SUNY) University Hospital
Date Issued
October 5, 2021
Tax Information and Eligible Titles Updated
Status Date
November 10, 2021


The purpose of this bulletin is to provide information and processing instructions regarding the implementation of a pilot program establishing temporary overtime rates for employees in certain titles represented by PEF or CSEA working at a SUNY University Hospital.

Affected Employees

Employees in certain Administrative Services Unit (BU02), Operational Services Unit (BU03), Institutional Services Unit (BU04), or Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Unit (BU05) titles who work at a SUNY University Hospital are affected.


The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed 09/22/2021 between the State of New York, SUNY, CSEA, and PEF allows specific SUNY providers that opt into a pilot program for employees in certain titles to establish a temporary overtime rate up to 2.5 times the employee’s regular rate of pay.

The new overtime rate shall apply to all overtime earned during the period 09/16/2021 through 01/01/2022. On 01/02/2022, the overtime rate shall revert to the rate in place prior to implementation of the pilot program unless extended by mutual agreement of the parties.

The following SUNY providers have opted to participate in the pilot program and have selected an overtime rate of 2.5 times an employee’s regular rate of pay. The overtime factor used by the New York State Payroll System (PayServ) for these employees is .00120.

Agency Deptid
Stonybrook University Hospital 28050 and 28058
University Hospital of Brooklyn 28100 and 28108
Upstate University Hospital 28110 and 28118
Long Island State Veterans Home Part of 28050

Effective Dates

The new overtime rate is effective 09/16/2021. Agencies should begin using the new Time Entry Overtime Earnings Codes beginning in Administration Pay Period 14L, checks dated 10/27/2021.

Eligibility Criteria

Employees who work at one of the specified SUNY providers and have overtime earnings effective 09/16/2021 through 01/01/2022 in one of the following titles must be paid at a rate of 2.5 times their regular rate of pay using one of the new Time Entry Overtime Earnings Codes:

Title Job Code Title Code
Cleaner 003205 3014000
Electrocardogrph Tech 006081 6223200
Emrgcy Med Tech 005572 5533100
Emrgcy Med Tech Prmdc 005673 5533110
Hospital Attendant 1 005615 5501100
Hospital Patient Services Clerk 1 002463 2517110
Hospital Patient Services Clerk 2 002464 2517120
Housekeeper 003189 3004000
Janitor 003207 3016000
Licensed Prac Nrs 005594 5500200
Medical Assistant 021758 2587000
Mental Hlth Th Aide 005742 5571300
Nurse 1 005598 5500510
Nurse 2 005601 5500520
Nurse 3 Geriatric 019080 5500533
Nursing Assistant (Certified) 018073 5530210
Nursing Assistant 1 018028 5530100
Nursing Assistant 2 018027 5530200
Nursing Station Clerk 1 002445 2506100
Pharmacy Aide 006102 6301000
Phlebotomist 006031 6203200
Senr Oper Rm Techn 005619 5503300
Supply Assnt 002634 2709275
Supvg Janitor 003208 3016500
Supvg Licnse Prac Nrs 005597 5500220
T&R Cntr Lic Prac Nrs 018149 5506175
Teaching&Rsch Ctr N 1 005627 5506210
Teaching&Rsch Ctr N 2 005628 5506220
Teaching&Rsch Ctr N 3 005629 5506230
Teaching&Rsch Ctr S N 005626 5506150
TH Sterile Supply Tech 1 006052 6211510
TH Sterile Supply Tech 2 006053 6211520
TH Surgical Techs 1 005633 5508100
TH Surgical Techs 2 005634 5508200
Therapy Aide (Physical) 023106 5703120

OSC Actions

OSC has created the following new Time Entry Earnings Codes to report overtime and overtime related payments for employees eligible to receive overtime at 2.5 times their regular rate of pay:

New Earns Code Description Associated Retro Code Original Earns Code
C25 Covid-19 OT for Ann-2080 2.5 RC5 C72
CH5 Covid-19 OT Hry/Biw 2.5 RO5 O19
H25 Hospital Duty Overtime 2.5 RD5 HDO
O25 OT for Ann 2080 - 2.5 R25 OCS
OH5 OT - Hourly/Biweekly 2.5 RH5 OTK
OI5 OT 2.5 w Int/Part Inc PEF/CSEA N/A OIP/OIC/OIS
OR5 Overtime Recall Ann 2080 2.5 RR5 ORC
OS5 Recall Standby OT PEF 2.5 RS5 ORP
SO5 Recall SBY OT CSEA Class 2.5 RA5 ORS
ST2 Standby OT Adjust - CSEA 2.5 RA2 SOY
ST5 Standby OT Adjust-PEF 2.5 RP5 SOP

Agencies should continue using either Earnings Code OTO – OT Override or Earnings Code CVO – Covid-19 OT Override for overtime payments that cannot be calculated by the NYS Payroll System.

Agency Actions

To report overtime earnings related to the pilot program effective beginning 09/16/2021 (Administration), agencies must submit the appropriate New Earns Codes (as listed in the OSC Actions section above) on the Time Entry page or the Time Entry Interface (NPAY502) using the following procedures:

Earnings Begin Date: Effective date started
Earnings End Date: Effective date ended
Earn Code: Enter appropriate code
Hours/Units/Amount: Number of Hours/Units/Amounts, as applicable

Agencies must use the overtime factor of .00120 in the calculation when submitting any payments using Earnings Code OTO – OT Override or Earnings Code CVO – Covid-19 OT Override. Agencies must include an explanation in General Comments or Time Entry Comments that this overtime has been calculated at 2.5 times the employee’s regular rate of pay as part of this pilot program.

Retirement and General Deductions

Monies paid using the earnings codes mentioned above are included as salary for retirement purposes and are included in the calculation of percentage-based dues for CSEA and PEF members.

Tax Information

These earnings are taxable income, will be included in the employee’s taxable gross and are subject to all employment and income taxes. Income taxes will be calculated using the employee’s current withholding elements in PayServ.

The Retro Codes (RC5, RO5, RD5, R25, RH5, RR5, RS5, RA5, RA2, and RP5) are supplemental taxable income and will be included in the employee’s taxable gross subject to all employment and income taxes. 

Federal, State, and New York City income tax withholding will be calculated using the Aggregate method.  Yonkers income tax withholding will be calculated using the Flat Rate method (2.30815% for Yonkers residents and 0.50% for Yonkers non-residents).  


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Earnings mailbox.

Questions regarding general deductions may be directed to the Payroll Deduction mailbox.