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The New York State Contract Reporter

The Procurement Opportunities Newsletter, entitled The New York State Contract Reporter, is intended to ensure the integrity of the State procurement process by providing for regular, centralized public notice of State agency and public authority intentions to contract for goods and services in the amount of $15,000 or more. Requirements are established in Article 4-C of the Economic Development Law. Public authorities that have the majority of their boards appointed by the Governor are subject to these requirements.

Article 4-C requires publication of the newsletter on a weekly basis. A minimum of 15 business days must elapse between publication of the notice and the date on which a bid or proposal is due. The statute also provides for exemptions to be granted to the Contract Reporter advertising requirements.

Where the contracting authority is subject to the requirements of Article 4-C, the procurement record for any contract or contract amendment which is subject to the Comptroller’s approval must include a copy of such advertisement or a copy of an approved exemption request as described elsewhere in this document.


Contract Reporter Exemption for Contracts Identified for OSC Approval

Article 4-C provides that no agency (including State authorities having a majority of their board members appointed by the Governor) shall award, and the Comptroller shall not approve, a procurement contract unless notice of that contract first has appeared in the newsletter, or unless it is exempt. The OSC Guide to Financial Operations provides detailed information on the publication of procurement opportunities.


Contract Reporter Exemption Request Procedure

Requests for exemptions must be submitted to the SAC Mailbox at according to the following procedures.

Authorities granted exemptions will be responsible for maintaining documentation showing they have complied with Article 4-C.





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