Claim Status Tips

  • Wait one business day after submitting claim to check the status of your claim.
  • Make sure you use the exact spelling of Claimant's Last Name.
  • You can use your Confirmation Number from the web confirmation page or Claim Reference Number from the correspondence we sent you.
    • Claim Reference Number  is a series of numbers assigned by our office to a claim. After your initial correspondence is received, your claim is established and an acknowledgment letter is generated and mailed to you. You can locate the Claim Reference Number in the upper right hand side of this letter or any other correspondence mailed to you from this office.
    • Confirmation Number is a series of numbers assigned by the Lost Money Online Application to a claim. You will receive this number on the confirmation page of your claim. You can locate the Confirmation Number in the top left corner of the confirmation page and/or in the generated email if you provided an email address.

How to Submit Your Documentation Online

Step 1. Prepare Requested Documents
  • Scan or take a picture of requested documents with your computer or mobile device.
  • Save the document in one of the accepted file formats: PDF, JPEG, bitmap and GIF. File size must be under 5mb. (HINT - Free Scanner apps will turn a picture taken with your cell phone into a scanned document.)
  • Save all documents on the computer or mobile device that you will use to submit your documentation.
  • Note: A single file upload can have multiple pages instead of submitting a page per single file upload.
Step 2. Submit Your Documents Online
  • Go to: Submit Your Documentation online service
  • Enter the Confirmation Number or Claim Reference Number
  • Enter the Claimant’s Last Name exactly as it appears on the letter you received from us.
  • Review the list of Requested Documents.
  • Submit electronic copies of the documents by browsing and selecting files on your computer or mobile device.
  • Click ‘Browse’ to upload documents from computer/device. If you have more than three documents to upload, you must repeat the upload process again after uploading your first three documents.