Divorce and Your Benefits

Draft a DRO

Divorce and Your Benefits

This Domestic Relations Order (DRO) template has been developed by the New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS) with guidance from the NYSLRS legal counsel. It may be used for the majority of cases, but if an individually-created DRO is used, NYSLRS DRO guidelines should be strictly followed.

All DROs are subject to review and acceptance by the NYSLRS Matrimonial Bureau. DRO proposals that are prepared using this NYSLRS template will be given priority review. While it is recommended that the template be used for faster review, its use is not required.

Please carefully review our Guide to Domestic Relations Orders and the appropriate summary publication for the Participant’s tier and plan of membership in NYSLRS, before drafting a DRO.

When completing the form, please be sure to fill in all required fields, as indicated by an asterisk (*). It helps to use proper capitalization, as shown in the examples next to the fields. You may tab or mouse-click through the fields. Use your mouse to select a check-box in each field.

An incomplete form cannot be saved in the browser window. Once the form is completed, click the “Create Printable DRO” button to generate your document as a Portable Document Format (PDF). Please note, additional information — such as the Participant’s and Alternate Payee’s Social Security Numbers — must be written in after printing. Adobe Reader is needed to save a completed DRO proposal for your own records. If you do not already have Adobe Reader, you can download a free copy directly from Adobe.

Draft a DRO proposal.

Please submit a copy of the judgment of divorce and the completed DRO proposal to NYSLRS using one of the following:

Regular Mail:

Hearing Administration/Matrimonial Bureau
110 State Street — Mail Drop 7-9
Albany, New York 12244

Fax: 518-473-0718

Email: You may scan copies of the judgment of divorce and completed DRO proposal and then attach them to an email. Email submissions should be sent to the Matrimonial Bureau at: [email protected].

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