View and Update Your Beneficiaries

View and Update Your Beneficiaries

When you became a NYSLRS member, you should have named a beneficiary or beneficiaries. These beneficiaries may be entitled to a benefit upon your death. Sign in to Retirement Online and click “View and Update My Beneficiaries” to make sure you have beneficiaries listed on your account.

You should periodically review your beneficiary designations and update them if needed. Life circumstances sometimes change, and the beneficiary you may have named before might not be the one you would choose today. You should also make sure your beneficiary’s contact information is up to date.

If you have already retired from NYSLRS, see If You Are Retired, below.


How Do I Change My Beneficiary?

Sign in to Retirement Online and click “View and Update My Beneficiaries.” You can add beneficiaries, update beneficiary information, or remove beneficiaries.

Complete the Designation of Beneficiary form (RS5127) and mail it to NYSLRS. (This form is for active members only. Retirees should contact us for the appropriate form.) Be sure to include all your beneficiaries on the form. Your new beneficiary designations will replace all your previously named beneficiaries. Though your designations will need to be reviewed and approved, your updated beneficiary information becomes effective when we receive your properly completed, signed and notarized form.

For more information about designating a beneficiary, see our publication, Life Changes: Why Should I Designate a Beneficiary? It provides more information about how to change your beneficiary and guidelines for special beneficiary designations that may require you to submit additional information.



If You Are Retired

If you are a NYSLRS retiree, your beneficiaries may be entitled to receive death benefits after you die.

If you have a post-retirement death benefit, you may change your beneficiaries for this benefit at any time.

Some retirees choose a pension payment option that provides for a continuing pension payment to a beneficiary if they die. Most option beneficiaries cannot be changed after retirement.

Visit the Death Benefits — Retirees page to learn about retiree death benefits, whether you can change your beneficiary and how to change them if needed.


Rev. 1/23