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Organizational Development
--Creating a New Position
--Modifying Existing Position Information (OSC, CUNY, UCS)
--Viewing Position Data Summary
--Viewing Position History
PayServ Custom
--Viewing Employee History Information Summary
--Viewing Legacy History Postings
--Viewing Statewide Job Summary
Payroll for North America
--Canceling Additional Pay
--Canceling Direct Deposit
--Canceling General Deduction Data
--Changing Miscellaneous Payments
--Changing a Paycheck Address
--Enter Tax Data for NRAs – Eligible Income Code for Scholarship/Fellowship Grants or Independent Personal Services (Honorariums)
--Enter Tax Data for NRAs – Other Than Income Code 15
--Entering Additional Pay - Fixed Biweekly Amount
--Entering Additional Pay - One Time Annual Payment
--Entering Additional Pay – Derived Biweekly Recurring Annual Payment
--Entering Direct Deposit
--Entering Employee Tax Data
--Entering Employee Tax Distribution
--Entering General Deduction Data
--Entering Regular Time, Overtime or Miscellaneous Payments
--Making an Adjustment to a Previously Paid Time Entry Earnings Code
--Setting Up Salary Withholding Information
--Viewing 1042 Tax Balances
--Viewing Check Balances Year-to-Date
--Viewing Deduction Balances
--Viewing Earnings Balance Adjustments
--Viewing Earnings Balances
--Viewing Garnishment Balance Adjustments
--Viewing Garnishment Balances
--Viewing Miscellaneous Payments
--Viewing Paycheck Data
--Viewing Paycheck Summary
--Viewing Special Accumulator Balances
--Viewing Tax Balances
--Viewing W-2 Data
Set Up HCM
--Creating a Position Pool
Workforce Administration
--Add an Employment Instance
--Changing a Mail Drop ID
--Changing a National ID
--Changing an Employee's Address
--Changing an Employee's Name
--Data Change Request: Change Benefit Flag
--Data Change Request: Change FICA Status
--Data Change Request: Change Part/Full-Time or Change Percent
--Data Change Request: Change Standard Hours
--Data Change Request: Change Tax Location
--Data Change Request: Change Work Schedule
--Data Change Request: Correct History (COR)
--Data Change Request: Correct Increment Code
--Data Change Request: Correct/Change Status
--Data Change Request: Perf Withheld, Resc Unsat, or Unsat Perf
--Data Change Request: Voluntary Reduction or WC Works Part-Time
--Entering Contract Pay Dates
--Entering General Comments
--Entering a Hire
--Entering a Long-Term Disability Leave
--Entering a Paid Leave of Absence
--Entering a Pay Rate Change Request
--Entering a Pension Plan
--Entering a Position Change Request
--Entering a Rehire
--Entering a Return from Disability Leave
--Entering a Return from Leave of Absence
--Entering a Salary Request – Hire, Rehire, or Concurrent Hire
--Entering a Savings Plan
--Entering a Short-Term Disability Leave
--Entering an Unpaid Leave of Absence
--Processing a Department Transfer Request
--Processing a Return from Workers’ Compensation Leave
--Processing a Termination, Layoff, or Resignation
--Processing a Workers’ Compensation Leave
--Reserving an Empl ID
--Viewing Job Summary