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VII.1 State Revenues Overview
VII.2 Miscellaneous Receipts / Accounts Receivable Receipts
VII.3 AP Adjustment Voucher
--VII.3 AP Adjustment Voucher Overview
--VII.3.A AP Adjustment Voucher Preparation
--VII.3.B AP Adjustment Voucher – Treasury Requirements
--VII.3.C AP Adjustment Voucher Document Review
VII.4 Appropriated Loan Receivables
VII.5 Document Retention Requirements
VII.9 Fringe Benefits and Indirect Costs
--VII.9 Overview
--VII.9.A Fringe Benefits and Indirect Costs Automation
VII.10 Cash Advance
--VII.10.A Cash Advance Overview
--VII.10.B Establishing and Increasing a Cash Advance
--VII.10.C Reducing a Cash Advance
--VII.10.D Cash Advance Payment Types
--VII.10.E Cash Advance Reimbursement
--VII.10.F Cash Advance Reconciliations and Annual Confirmation
--VII.10.G Cash Advance Shortages and Overages
--VII.10.H Cash Advance Rollover
--VII.10.I Closing a Cash Advance