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XI.1 Procurement and Contract Management Overview and Policies
XI.2 Comptroller Approval of Contracts and General Contracts Processing
--XI.2 Overview
--XI.2.A Thresholds
--XI.2.B Contract Numbering
--XI.2.C Contract Funds Reservation
--XI.2.D Vendor Name on Contractual Agreements
--XI.2.E Submission of Agency Contracts and Amendments
--XI.2.F Timely Submittal of Contracts
--XI.2.G Submission and Retention of Bids/Proposals
--XI.2.H Multiyear Contracts
--XI.2.I Unilateral Termination Provisions
--XI.2.J Uniform Statutory Provisions for Contracts
--XI.2.K Authorized Signatures
--XI.2.L Contract Signature Page
--XI.2.M Acknowledgment of Contractor’s Signature
--XI.2.O Contracts with Not-for-Profit Organizations
--XI.2.P Contract Transactions Subject to the Memorandum of Understanding Dated 8/15/19
XI.3 Submission of Agency Purchase Orders
--XI.3 Overview
--XI.3.A Paper Submission of Purchase Orders
--XI.3.B Electronic Submission of Purchase Orders through the Electronic Documents Submission System (EDSS)
XI.4 Grant Contracts
--XI.4 Overview
--XI.4.A Not-for-Profit Prompt Contracting
--XI.4.B Standard Contract Language for Grant Contracts: Fixed Term, Multiyear Contracts and Simplified Renewals
--XI.4.D Indirect Cost Allocations
--XI.4.E Not-for-Profit Short-Term Loan Fund
XI.5 Purchase Authorizations
XI.6 Quick Contracting
--XI.6.A Quick Contracting–Commodity, Printing, Miscellaneous Services and Equipment
--XI.6.B Quick Contracting – Construction
XI.7 Revenue and Repayment Agreements
--XI.7.A Revenue Contracts
--XI.7.B Repayment Agreements
--XI.7.C Deferred Payment Arrangements
XI.8 Centralized and Multi-Agency Contracts
--XI.8.A Centralized Contracts
-- XI.8.B Multi-Agency Contracts
XI.9 Intergovernmental Agreements
XI.10 Third Party Contracting - Contracting "for" the State
XI.11 Miscellaneous
--XI.11 Overview
--XI.11.A Agency Contracts, Non-Personal Service and Capital Spending Controls
--XI.11.C Banking Services Contracts
--XI.11.D Equipment and Software Maintenance Contracts
--XI.11.E Retainage
--XI.11.F Contract Monitoring
--XI.11.G Equipment Acquisition
--XI.11.H Early Pay Discounts for Procurement Contract Purchases
XI.12 Contract Management
--XI.12 Overview
--XI.12.A Toll-Free Services
--XI.12.B Contract Novation
--XI.12.C Surety Takeovers
--XI.12.D Closing Contracts
--XI.12.F Reassignment of Agency Responsibility for Contracts
XI.13 Procurement Overview and Policies
XI.14 Procurement Opportunities
--XI.14 Overview
--XI.14.A Publication of Procurement Opportunities
--XI.14.B Publication of Grants Opportunities
XI.15 Procurement Record
--XI.15 Overview
--XI.15.A Competitive Grants Procurement Record
XI.16 Vendor Responsibility
XI.17 Protest Procedures
XI.18 Miscellaneous Legislative Requirements
--XI.18 Overview
--XI.18.A Executive Law Article 15-A- Participation by Minority Group Members and Women with Respect to State Contracts
--XI.18.B Procurement Lobbying Act
--XI.18.C Consultant Disclosure
--XI.18.D Sales and Compensating Use Tax Documentation
--XI.18.E Public Officers Law
--XI.18.F The Iran Divestment Act of 2012
--XI.18.G Workers’ Compensation Coverage and Debarment
--XI.18.H The Infrastructure Investment Act
--XI.18.I Sexual Harassment Prevention Certification