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Information for Payroll Providers

Payroll ProvidersIn 2019, NYSLRS will begin transitioning to a new report format called the enhanced file. The enhanced file format will permit employers to report additional information, which will streamline the way we work together and enable NYSLRS to better serve our employers’ needs.

As a payroll service provider, you will need to review the new file format to learn what changes are needed. Discuss a transition plan with NYSLRS employers you work with to begin using enhanced reporting. Information about this new file format can be found below.

The sooner employers transition to this new enhanced format, the sooner they will realize the full benefits and efficiencies of Retirement Online. NYSLRS is looking forward to partnering with you to make this transition as smooth as possible for employers.

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The enhanced report contains more information and covers a broader population of employees. Reports will include new identifiers established by NYSLRS, biographical and job data, and detailed breakdowns of earnings, hours worked, and pre- and post-tax payments. Please refer to the Enhanced Reporting File Format guide Adobe pdf for the fields needed in the enhanced report.

If you have questions about the enhanced file format or would like to provide your contact information to NYSLRS, please contact the Retirement Online Employer Help Desk at 844-619-9614 or by email at

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