Membership and Enrollment

Reporting a Member Who Has Multiple Employers

Membership and Enrollment

The fastest way to determine whether your employee is a NYSLRS member is through Retirement Online. On your ‘Retirement Online Account Homepage,’ click the ‘Access Enrollment Dashboard’ button and begin the enrollment process. If your employee is already a member, a pop-up message will provide you with his or her NYSLRS ID, tier and contribution rate.

Members must be reported to us for all their public employment, including work with more than one participating employer. Even if a member only works part-time, if he or she is already a member of NYSLRS, each participating employer is required to report salary and service information to us.

For example, if a member who is a full-time county employee begins an additional part-time job as an employee of a participating village, the employee’s days worked and salary earned with the village must be reported to NYSLRS by the village. If the member is in Tier 3, 4 or 5 and is making 3 percent contributions, these contributions must be deducted from his or her earnings for each position and submitted to NYSLRS by each employer. For Tier 6 ERS members and most Tier 6 PFRS members, employers must deduct the appropriate percentage based on the member’s reportable gross earnings and submit them to NYSLRS.

Individuals who are hired as independent contractors should not be reported, even if they have a membership through another participating employer.


Rev. 10/19