Understanding Your Responsibilities: Elected & Appointed Officials

Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution

Employers must list any elected or appointed officials who do not participate in a time-keeping system on a Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution for Elected and Appointed Officials (RS2417-A). (Here is a sample resolution.) The resolution accomplishes two things:

  • It helps your governing board report your days worked to NYSLRS. [Your board uses your record of activities (ROA) to calculate the average number of days you work in a month.] This is important because your retirement benefits are based, in part, on the days you work.
  • The resolution confirms your standard work day. Every employee title, including elected or appointed officials, must have a number of hours per day that are considered full-time for the position.

The board must adopt the resolution at the first regular meeting held after you submit your ROA.

Once passed, the legislative clerk or secretary of the board must post the resolution on the employer’s public website or, if a website isn’t available to the public, on the official sign-board or at the main entrance to the clerk’s office for at least 30 days. The resolution passed by the board lists the last four digits of your Social Security number, however that must be removed from the publicly posted copy.

The resolution must be filed with the Office of the State Comptroller within 15 days after the posting period ends.


(Rev. 9/19)