What Every Employer Should Know

About the Retirement System

The New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS) comprises the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS), established in 1921, and the Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS), created in 1966. The System is one of the largest public retirement systems in the world.

The New York State Comptroller is the administrative head of NYSLRS.

The New York State Legislature establishes benefits and the overall methodology used to make sure System assets are available to pay these benefits. NYSLRS administers benefits for more than one million pensioners and members.

The Member & Employer Services Bureau is the primary contact between NYSLRS and more than 3,000 participating employers. In addition to providing service to employers, Bureau staff processes monthly reports, plan adoptions and employer annual contributions. When you have questions or need help, you can  email Employer Services or call us. Refer to this telephone listing for the appropriate number.

One of the largest bureaus in the Retirement System, Member & Employer Services (MESB) is staffed by more than 200 employees — nearly 25 percent of all the people who work for NYSLRS. Besides being the primary contact for participating employers, MESB is also responsible for maintaining the accounts of Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) and Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS) members, who often need help with service credit purchases, loan processing and beneficiary changes, among others.


  • Registers new members into the appropriate System and tier;
  • Processes requests for tier reinstatements, previous service credit, withdrawals, transfers, loans, refunds of excess contributions, membership termination and beneficiary, address and plan changes;
  • Maintains the records of over 652,000 members before a benefit is paid;
  • Provides personalized information for the Member Annual Statements;
  • Provides cost information to municipalities that wish to participate or to provide improved benefit plans;
  • Prepares and distributes the annual invoices to State and local employers for the cost of providing their employees with retirement benefit coverage;
  • Presents employer information seminars;
  • Processes monthly report information.