The Academy for New York State's Local Officials

Seminars for Local Officials

We understand that balancing your role as a local government official with your home and work lives is not an easy task and that finding time in your schedule for essential training to enhance your fiscal oversight responsibilities can be difficult.

For that reason, OSC’s Local Official Training Unit offers seminars for municipal and school district governing boards and other local officials. These training sessions take place in a single day and generally incorporate 2-3 different topics. See below for what we are currently offering and register to join us for an interactive discussion and an opportunity to learn alongside other local government officials from a variety of backgrounds.

Virtual Seminars

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The New York Office of the State Comptroller is again recognizing October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with its annual cybersecurity on-demand webinar series for local government and school officials. During each of the webinars, we will share simple, no and low-cost improvements that local government and school officials can make today to continue strengthening their networks and systems against the ever-evolving cyber threat. The series will be highlighting the written guidance available from our office for local government and school officials.

On-demand links coming soon!


Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Week 1: Cybersecurity Foundations

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an annual effort which aims to highlight emerging challenges that exist in the world of cybersecurity today and provide straightforward, actionable guidance to help create a safe and secure digital world. Learn about this year’s themes and other foundational IT controls that can help bolster your municipality’s cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Week 2: Software Management

Learn about software management practices that you can implement in your municipality to help mitigate cybersecurity threats.


Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Week 3: Multifactor Authentication

Learn about the basics of multifactor authentication and how it can help strengthen cybersecurity defenses.


Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Week 4: Passwords

Passwords are one of the most critical controls that help to enable a strong cybersecurity posture. Learn how to help strengthen your municipality’s password practices.


Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Week 5: Phishing

Learn how to recognize and report phishing emails and schemes to protect your municipality from the risk of unauthorized access.


In-Person Seminars

OSC will return with in-person seminars in 2023.

We will follow-up with additional information as it becomes available.

We are always looking for seminar training locations. If you have a space suitable for holding a training (seating and table space for 50-100 people), please email us at [email protected].