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Seminars for Local Officials

We understand that balancing your role as a local government official with your home and work lives is not an easy task and that finding time in your schedule for essential training to enhance your fiscal oversight responsibilities can be difficult.

For that reason, OSC’s Local Official Training Unit is offering a series of virtual seminars for municipal and school district governing boards and other local officials. These training sessions take place in a single day and generally incorporate 2-3 different topics. See below for the list of what we are offering now and register to join us for an interactive discussion and an opportunity to learn alongside other local government officials from a variety of backgrounds.

Virtual Seminars

A 2021 Update on Cyber Threats to Local Governments and Schools Virtual Series

The New York Office of the State Comptroller is again recognizing October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with its second annual 4-part cybersecurity on-demand webinar series for local government and school officials. During each of the webinars, we will share simple, no and low-cost improvements that local government and school officials can make today to continue strengthening their networks and systems against the ever-evolving cyber threat. The series will be highlighting the written guidance available from our office for local government and school officials.

  • Week 1 – IT Governance – What is it? How do we do it? And Why is it Important? – This session will discuss a conceptual framework for a comprehensive cybersecurity program. Discussion topics will include the top 12 areas of concerns: IT Policy; IT Security Training and Awareness; Computer Hardware, Software and Data Inventories; Contracts for IT Services; Virus Protection; Patch Management; Access Controls; Online Banking; Wireless Networks; Firewalls and Intrusion Detection; Physical Controls; and Information Technology Contingency Planning. We will also use the Security Self-Assessment to see which areas of concerns you should focus on in your IT environment.
  • Week 2 – IT Contingency Planning – Oops! What now? - This session will expand on one of the key areas within a comprehensive cybersecurity program: IT Contingency Planning. We will define IT Contingency Planning as a means to avoid costly delays in getting your government or school operations back up and running as quickly as possible. Discussion topics will include: how IT contingency planning fits into broader business continuity and disaster recovery planning, best practices for developing a comprehensive IT contingency plan, and IT controls to consider as part of the plan including backups.
  • Week 3 – Wireless Security and Technology - Let's Secure Your Wireless Technology - This session will expand on another key area within a comprehensive cybersecurity program: wireless technology and security. We will share best practices for improving the security of your municipal or school wireless networks, and protecting against FragAttacks, KRACK attacks and other common wireless threats.
  • Week 4 – Ransomware – How to Avoid Being the Next Victim - This session will focus on one of the most prolific and expensive malwares in cyber history, Ransomware. We will define ransomware, provide examples of recent ransomware attacks, share insights on how these attacks have evolved over time, and discuss best practices that computer users and managers can follow to lower their chances of becoming the next ransomware victim.

    [On-demand webinar available October 25, 2021]
In-Person Seminars

Due to COVID-19, OSC has decided not to schedule any in-person seminars until further notice.

We will follow-up with additional information as it becomes available.