The Academy for New York State's Local Officials

Seminars for Local Officials

We understand that balancing your role as a local government official with your home and work lives is not an easy task and that finding time in your schedule for essential training to enhance your fiscal oversight responsibilities can be difficult.

For that reason, OSC’s Local Official Training Unit is offering a series of virtual seminars for municipal and school district governing boards and other local officials. These training sessions take place in a single day and generally incorporate 2-3 different topics. See below for the list of what we are offering now and register to join us for an interactive discussion and an opportunity to learn alongside other local government officials from a variety of backgrounds.

Virtual Seminars

Local Government Budgeting Seminars:

The process of developing a balanced budget for your local government can be a confusing and stressful undertaking. We have developed a series of virtual training events to help local officials understand the process behind developing a structurally balanced budget.

Topics include: understanding the budget calendar, local officials’ roles in the budget process, tips for estimating budgeted revenues and appropriations and understanding of the importance of monitoring the budget, once adopted.

Seating is limited for these events, so we recommend registering early. Dates and times coming soon. Please check in frequently.

  • TOWNS: Budget Navigation- A Roadmap for Creating Effective Budgets
  • FIRE DISTRICTS: Budget Navigation - A Roadmap for Creating Effective Budgets
In-Person Seminars

Due to COVID-19, OSC has decided not to schedule any in-person seminars until further notice.

We will follow-up with additional information as it becomes available.