Procurement Opportunities

Below is a list of the Office of the State Comptroller’s (OSC) competitive procurement opportunities.

These procurements are in a period of restricted communication. Information on contacting OSC regarding procurements can be found below.

To view and download procurement documents, select Request Info, enter your contact information, and then select Submit. On the following page, select View Procurement to access all associated procurement documents.

For procurements labeled CLOSED, the due date for bids or proposals has passed and further submissions will not be accepted.

Restricted Period Start Date Procurement Number Bid/Proposal
Due Date
Description Procurement Request Form
01/06/22 C001113 01/28/22 Kodak Scanner Maintenance  Request Info
11/30/21 RFI 21-01 01/03/22 Mainframe to Java Code Conversion CLOSED
11/24/21 C001137 12/16/21 NYSLRS Pension Fund Benchmarking CLOSED
11/23/21 RFP 21-05 01/27/22 Global Tax Services for the New York State and Local Retirement System Request Info
11/22/21 IFB 21-01 01/14/22
Formatting & Placement Services for Financial Notices Request Info
11/10/21 IFB 21P-01 12/06/21 Member's Annual Statement CLOSED
08/16/21 RFP 21-12  11/03/21 Office of Unclaimed Funds System Modernization CLOSED
07/29/21 RFP 21-04 09/22/21
Audit Services for the Identification, Collection, and Processing of Out-of-State Abandoned Property CLOSED
07/12/21 RFP 21-11 08/23/21 Fiduciary Counsel of the NYS Common Retirement Fund CLOSED
07/12/21 RFP 21-10 08/26/21
Investments Counsel for the NYS Common Retirement Fund CLOSED
06/24/21 C001130 07/16/21 Senior Java Architect CLOSED
04/19/21 RFP 21-09 06/08/21 Real Assets Consultant for the NYS Common Retirement Fund CLOSED
04/08/21 RFQual 21-03 Applications Continuously Accepted RFQual 21-03 Independent Medical Examiner Services (Individual Physicians) Request Info
04/08/21 RFQual 21-02 Applications Continuously Accepted RFQual 21-02 Medical Examiner Management Services Request Info
03/17/20 RFP 20-02 8/12/20
Core Banking Services CLOSED
05/14/18 RFP 18-01 09/13/18 Securities Lending for the New York State Common Retirement Fund CLOSED

Inquiries are limited during the restricted period

Procurements are subject to a restricted period which limits communications between vendors and OSC employees.

The restricted period for each procurement commences upon the Restricted Period Start Date specified in the table above and ends with contract execution by OSC or, where applicable, contract approval by OSC’s Bureau of Contracts.

How to contact us during the restricted period

Submit all inquiries as follows:

Email (preferred)
[email protected] (include the Procurement Number in your subject line)

Attn: Contracts Team, Stop 13-2
Bureau of Finance
Office of the State Comptroller
110 State Street
Albany, NY 12236-0001