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Open Book New York

"New Yorkers pay among the highest taxes in the country. It's important to have transparency so citizens are empowered with information they need to hold their elected officials accountable." – Thomas P. DiNapoli

Search Millions of State and Local Government Financial Records

As the State's Chief Financial Officer, Comptroller DiNapoli believes New Yorkers deserve to know how their tax dollars are spent. Without transparency in government, there cannot be accountability. His open data initiatives are a commitment to this belief.

If you've ever wondered how much it costs to run your fire department or how much your city spends on education, you can easily track where money is going and how it's being reflected in the State's spending priorities using the Comptroller's Open Book New York.

Also see Additional Financial Information and Commonly Requested Documents.

State Contracts

Search 200,000 contracts that State agencies have with businesses, not-for-profit organizations and other governmental entities in effect April 1, 2012, or later. Includes both contracts approved by the Office of the State Comptroller and those that don't require approval by the Office.

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Also see Commonly Requested Documents

State Payments

Search payments made by the state since April 1, 2012, which now includes about 17,000 new payments each day, and contains the agency submitting the payment request, the payment recipient, the payment amount and the date the payment was made.

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Also see Legislative Travel and Per Diem Expenses

Local Government Data

View and download detailed revenue, spending, debt, tax limits, balance sheets, and property tax cap information for 3,100 local governments, dating back to 2007.

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Also see Fiscal Stress Monitoring System and Local Sales Tax Collections

State Spending

Search by major spending categories for State agencies and some authorities. Provides information on budgetary activities such as payments, journal transfers, appropriated transfers, and so on.

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Also see COVID-19 Relief Program Tracker

Public Authorities Data

View financial information for more than 500 State and local public authorities dating back to 2007.

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Featured Dashboards

New York City Industry Sector Dashboards


These dashboards follow a series of reports released over the past two years tracking economic data and the effect of the pandemic on these critical sectors and will help identify areas of weakness as well as positive developments.

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COVID-19 Relief Program Tracker


This tracker monitors spending of federal recovery aid and COVID-19 relief programs in the State. The dashboard explains each federal and State program, and how much has been received and spent to date. 

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Interactive Map of Local Census Results


This tool tracks New York’s local demographic changes based on 2020 Census data and breaks down population statistics by age, race and ethnicity, along with housing trends, in New York’s cities, counties, towns and villages.

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Subway Ridership Dashboard


This interactive tool of subway ridership details where straphangers are, and are not, returning to the subway system, alongside neighborhood and local demographics, employment and income.

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Additional Financial Information

Budget and Finances

Search for reports and audits related to New York State, New York City, local governments, school districts and public authorities.

Local Sales Tax Collections

Monthly and Quarterly Breakdown by County and Region

Legislative Travel and Per Diem Expenses

Total Travel and Expenses Paid in Calendar Years 2018 through 1st Calendar Quarter 2022.

Casino Gaming Revenue

Casino Gaming License and Revenue Distributions, January 2022

    Commonly Requested Documents


    Memorandum of Understanding

    Procurement Oversight MOU dated August 15, 2019