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NYS Comptroller


Climate Change

As Trustee of the Common Retirement Fund, Comptroller DiNapoli has the responsibility to protect the interests of the Fund and propose changes that are in the best interest of the companies in which the Fund invests. One of the top concerns is climate change and the risks it poses for the Fund's value. Some of the strategies DiNapoli has employed to address this important issue are highlighted below.

Recent Engagements

For the 2016-2017 season of shareholder proposals and annual meetings, DiNapoli asked 10 companies to address Climate Change related concerns. The proposals included requests that corporations explain how they will adjust to the global goal of limiting global warming set out in the UN Paris Agreement, that they commit to using palm oil certified to have been harvested without links to deforestation, and that they find way to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Research on Climate Change

In 2015 the Fund was a project partner in a research study with global consulting firm Mercer LLC in an effort to quantify the potential risks of climate change.

Investing in a Time of Climate Change
A comprehensive review of the study’s research, methodology and findings.

New York State Common Retirement Fund Portfolio Climate Risk Assessment
A short overview tailored to the implications for the Fund.

Corporate Governance

To learn more about how the Fund engages with its portfolio companies, see Corporate Governance.