Child Care Licensing and Inspection

Issued Date
August 14, 2014
Children and Family Services, Office of


To determine if the Office of Children and Family Services’ (Office) child care licensing and inspection activities ensure licensed and registered child care facilities are in compliance with applicable laws and are safe for children. Our audit covered the period January 1, 2012 through May 9, 2014.


The Office's mission is to promote the well-being and safety of the State's children, families, and communities. The Office's Division of Child Care Services (Division) is responsible for overseeing child care services in the State, with the exception of day care centers in New York City (NYC). The Division regulates and inspects child care providers and, in doing so, helps protect the health and safety of children by verifying that their care providers comply with the minimum standards established by NYS Social Services Law (Law) and Office regulations.

In New York State, persons caring for fewer than three children within home settings are considered "license exempt" and are not subject to licensure by or registration with the Office. Based on Section 390 of the Law, facilities that provide care for three or more children for more than three hours per day per child are subject to licensure or registration with the State. The Division regulates these facilities either through licensing processes for the day care centers and group family day care homes, or through registration processes for the small day care centers, family day care homes and school aged child care centers.

Key Findings

  • The Office's licensing and inspection activities assure licensed and registered child care facilities are in compliance with applicable laws and are safe for children.
  • Although the Office investigates complaints about unlicensed or unregistered child care providers, it does not have proactive measures in place to identify illegal child care providers and otherwise mitigate illegal operations, which could place children in child care at an increased risk of harm.

Key Recommendation

Institute policies and procedures to proactively identify and mitigate illegal child care operations.

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