Voting From Home: Summary of the 2020-21 School District Budget Vote

Participation in school district budget votes has been relatively low, particularly since the implementation of the tax cap. In response to the pandemic, school districts in New York State were required to provide all residents with an absentee ballot for the 2020-21 school budget vote. This new process likely contributed to an increase in participation: triple the number of votes were cast compared to the prior year.

Under Pressure: Local Government Revenue Challenges During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our State’s local governments are being tested on many fronts as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This report will examine some of the major risks to these revenue sources, the dependence of local governments on each, and the effects of federal government actions to help keep local governments afloat thus far.

New Fiscal Realities Challenge Local Governments

This report describes the fiscal oversight OSC provides to local governments faced with the serious fiscal challenges of budgeting with fewer resources to fund rising expenditures, all while staying within the recently enacted property tax cap.

2010 Census: Implications for New York State’s Local Governments

New York State’s population increased by 2.1 percent between 2000 and 2010 – the fifth slowest rate of growth among all states nationwide. Gains or losses in population cause a shift in the local tax base, drive adjustments in State and federal revenue allocations, and influence the demand for municipal services and infrastructure.

Annual Report on School District Financial Accountability - 2007

New Yorkers spend tens of billions of dollars on education each year. After three years of auditing how school districts manage their finances, we have seen dramatic progress. In 2007, OSC issued 257 audits of schools. As part of our audit effort, we highlight the best practices of the school districts that are well managed so that others around the state can learn from them. For those needing more assistance, our audits also offer practical recommendations to help schools operate more effectively and efficiently.

Annual Report on School District Financial Accountability - 2008

Reflecting the turmoil on Wall Street and in the national and global economies, New York State’s budget shortfalls continue to worsen. Clearly, we are in very difficult fiscal times. By acting early, controlling spending and avoiding tempting budgetary gimmicks, state and local leaders can continue to deliver vital services now, while ensuring sound financial operations in the future. School district officials should find the information in this report useful as they consider ways to improve their own operations.