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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: August 4, 1999

 Bulletin No. 111

Subject New Deduction Panel for reporting Department of Civil Service Health Insurance
Purpose To explain a New Deduction Panel that allows certain agencies to enter Civil Service Health Insurance transactions 
Affected Employees Employees in the following agencies:
21470 NYS Science and Technology Foundation
21750 Environmental Facilities Corporation
28990 State University Construction Fund
55030 Industrial Exhibit Authority, Department of Agriculture and Markets
Effective Date August 5, 1999
How to Submit a Transaction 1. Open the Gen Deduction CD (Agency) panel. Path Name:
   Start - Compensate Employees-Maintain Payroll Data U.S.
Use - Gen Deduction CD (Agency) -Update/ Display All
2. Enter the EmplID of the employee.
3. Select appropriate record number.
4. Highlight Deduction Code field.
5. Press the key F7 (insert row) and enter one of the DCS Health Insurance Codes:
   HIATRG - Regular After Tax Health
   HIATSP - Special After Tax Health Adjustment
   HIBTRG - Regular Before Tax Health
   HIBTSP - Regular Before Tax Health Adjustment
6. Tab to effective date and enter appropriate date.
7. Tab to Deduction Calculation Routine field.
8. Click on the drop down arrow and select Flat Amount.
9. Tab to Flat/Addl amount field and enter the correct deduction.
10. Save the panel.
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