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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: August 27, 1999

 Bulletin No. 114

Subject PS&T Teachers Paid on a Calendar Basis
Purpose To notify agencies of a change in payroll procedure when a calendar (CAL) teacher incurs a change in status or salary during the academic year 
Affected Employees Calendar teachers in institution agencies and the Office of Children and Family Services
Background Change is pursuant to the agreement between the Public Employees Federation and the State of New York as stated below. 
Agencies may no longer require teachers who have elected to receive their biweekly payments over the calendar year to change to the 21P pay basis method if a status change or salary change is incurred during the academic year.
Unless the teacher opts to change from CAL to 21P, the pay basis must remain CAL.
Specifics of the Agreement "The State agrees to continue, at the employee's option, the calendar year pay basis of institution teachers who opt to receive their biweekly salary payments over a calendar year rather than 21 pay periods and who experience a change in pay status (e.g., sick leave at half-pay, leave without pay, change in percentage of time worked, promotion, workers' compensation leave) during the school year. The State will not require such employees to revert to the 21 pay period basis at the time the change in pay status goes into effect. Manual pay adjustments will be made to keep such employees on the calendar year pay basis following any change in pay status during the school year."
Payroll Procedures An adjustment of salary must be calculated by the agency whenever a CAL teacher has a status or salary change mid-year and opts to remain on the CAL method of payment. 

This adjustment will provide the CAL teacher pay equity with the 21P teacher.
The adjustment is calculated as follows:

1. The amount a 21P teacher would receive over the contract pay period (considering the same status/salary change) versus the amount the CAL teacher will receive (considering the status/salary change) for the calendar year (9/1-8/31).

2. The difference between the amounts calculated is the adjustment amount to be spread over the remaining payroll periods in the calendar year.

For Additional
Additional information and procedures for processing status and salary changes for both CAL and 21P teachers will be forthcoming. 

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.