NYS Comptroller Seal  

Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: June 29, 2000  

 Bulletin No. 169

Subject Cancellation of Direct Deposit for Inactive Employees and Certain Employees on a Leave of Absence
Purpose To explain the cancellation of Direct Deposit for certain employees
Background  Inactive employees and employees on long term leave without pay may have direct deposit account information which is no longer valid. When OSC receives a rejected direct deposit transaction, OSC produces a check for the employee. This process may take one week or more after the original check date.

In anticipation of upcoming retroactive payments and in order to avoid delays and inconvenience for inactive employees who may be eligible for lump sum or retroactive payments, OSC will automatically cancel direct deposit for all inactive employees in all negotiating units.

Affected Employees All inactive employees (and leave without pay) with an active direct deposit record.

Direct Deposit will not be canceled for employees on leave without pay who have an action reason of Workers Comp Sup (WSP) or Workers Comp Pt Sup (WPS).

Effective Date Checks dated 07/13/00 for the Institution cycle
Checks dated 07/19/00 for the Administration cycle
OSC Actions OSC will insert a row on the direct deposit panel to cancel the employee’s direct deposit record:
For Institution cycle employees who are inactive or on a leave without pay with an effective date of 06/15/00 or prior
For Administration cycle employees who are inactive or on a leave without pay with an effective date of 06/22/00 or prior

OSC will insert the cancellation row on June 30, 2000 for the Institution Cycle and July 7, 2000 for the Administration cycle. A list of the employees who had their Direct Deposit canceled will be mailed to the agencies 

For future retroactive payments, OSC will periodically insert cancellation rows for direct deposit for inactive employees. Log on messages will be used to advise agencies of the scheduled dates for the cancellations.

Agency Actions If an employee is reinstated to the payroll and they wish to have direct deposit, insert a new row to initiate.

Agency Payroll Offices must verify the direct deposit panel when submitting transactions for retroactive adjustments or miscellaneous payments for all inactive employees. The agency should insert a row to restart or cancel the direct deposit as needed.

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.