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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: December 7, 2000

 Bulletin No.  219

Subject Retroactive dues/agency shop adjustment and a dues/agency shop increase
Purpose To explain a retroactive dues adjustment and dues increase
Affected Employees Employees who are currently in or had been in bargaining unit 01 at any time since 9/30/99 with deduction code 291 (dues) or 295 (agency shop) may have a retroactive dues/agency shop adjustment.
Effective Date

Paychecks dated December 14, 2000 for Institution and December 20, 2000 for Administration cycle

OSC Actions


Payment of retroactive raises to employees represented by NYSCOPBA will result in retroactive dues and agency shop deduction changes as follows:

Effective September 30, 1999 for Administration and October 7, 1999 for Institution, the new biweekly deduction is $15.96. This is an increase of .46 for 13 pay periods.

Effective March 30, 2000 for Administration and April 6, 2000 for Institution, the new biweekly deduction is $16.43. This is an increase of .93 for 17 periods (Administration cycle) and 16 periods (Institution cycle).

OSC will process a file from NYSCOPBA to withhold the retroactive dues. A one time additional dues amount will be taken in the December 14th and December 20th paychecks. The additional dues amount will be added to the new current biweekly deduction amount ($16.43) and will show as code 291 or 295 on the employee’s check or direct deposit stub.

For employees who have been employed in Bargaining Unit 01 since the effective dates of the retroactive dues increase, and will have their dues recalculated by the Union, the amount of dues or agency shop for this one check will be $38.22 for Administration cycle and $37.29 for Institution cycle employees.

Agency Actions Notify affected employees
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.