Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: New Training Course, Reveal Reporting,
for Agencies in Conversion Group 1
Bulletin No.20
Date: 7/1/98

This bulletin provides information on PaySR training for Conversion Group 1, on the new course titled, Reveal Reporting.

The attached training schedule applies only to agencies in Conversion Group 1. Specific training dates for agencies in Conversion Group 2 were provided in Bulletin 19. Dates for Conversion Group 3 will be provided in August. This bulletin is being sent to all Payroll Officers and Agency Liaisons as well as to Agency Coaches for Conversion Group 1.

Reveal Reporting - This new half-day course explains how to view, search, print or save standard PaySR reports.

Attachment A provides the course description, suggested prerequisite, and dates for Reveal Reporting

Next Step for Conversion Group One

  • By June 26, Liaisons should work with Agency Coaches to register one staff person to attend Reveal Reporting (Attachment A) on either July 1, 2, 6 or 7, and to identify the total number of agency staff requesting this course. Agency Liaisons will be notified later in June of the schedule for additional classes in Reveal Reporting for Conversion Group 1. Register the participant (agency, agency code, participant name, phone, fax, e-mail address and session selected) with Theresa Flynn (fax (518) 473-5073, or e-mail

Questions on this Bulletin?

  • Payroll Officers should contact their Agency Liaison.
  • Agency Liaisons should contact their PaySR Representative.

Attachment A

Reveal Reporting
Course Description

Course Overview This course is designed for Agency staff who need access to standard reports generated by PaySR. Participants will learn how to search, view, print or save standard PaySR Reports.
Audience Agency payroll report users
Prerequisite Participants should be proficient in Windows.
Course Objectives Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • View Reports
  • Search for Data in a Report
  • Print Reports
  • Save Reports
Course Length Half Day
Course Location Rensselaer Technology Park
Dates for Conversion Group 2
July 1, 6 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
July 2, 7 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

When registering for this course, please let us know if youor others will require a reasonable accommodation