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Subject: Payroll Certification/
Title and Position Management
Bulletin No. 25
Date: 6/25/98

This bulletin describes the PaySR payroll certification process, the Title and Position Management workflow, and introduces the replacement for the PR-76 Form for Payroll Certification in PaySR.

Agency Certification

For agencies that are converted into PaySR, the Payroll Certification document, Attachment A, will be used for the certification of their payroll and replaces the current Form PR-76. Agencies must submit this document by the last submission date for PaySR transactions each payroll period.

Submit this document and any supporting documents (such as Extra Service, Dual Employment, Budget Director's Approval, Retroactive Approvals) to:

PaySR Project
Office of the State Comptroller
194 Washington Avenue, 6th Floor
Albany, NY 12210

Agencies not converted to PaySR should continue to submit all current PR-75 and PR-76 forms as they do today.

Agencies should copy the attached Payroll Certification form as needed (Attachment A).

Attachments B and C describe the processes between NYSTEP and PaySR for Certification and Title and Position Management.

Questions on this Bulletin?

  • Payroll Officers should contact their Agency Liaison.
  • Agency Liaisons should contact their PaySR Representatives.

Future Bulletins

Bulletins on the following topics will be forthcoming:

  • Payroll History
  • Paychecks and Stubs
  • Help Desk
  • PaySR Glossary of Terms


Bulletin 25, Attachment A

NYS Office of the State Comptroller


Agency Payroll Certification

TO THE STATE COMPTROLLER: This is to certify that the persons named in the previous payroll as adjusted by the current payroll and personnel data entered into PaySR are employed solely in and have actually performed the proper duties of the positions and employments indicated, and this payroll for the above check date is approved and is certified for payment.

SIGNATURE _____________________________________________________

TITLE ___________________________________________________________


Bulletin 25, Attachment B

Certification Process

  1. Agencies enter information into NYSTEP and PaySR. NYSTEP sends a nightly file to PaySR which contains Certification transactions.
  2. This file is matched against the PaySR employee's job data.
  • If a match is found and all employee job data between NYSTEP and PaySR agree:
    • PaySR updates the certification status specified by NYSTEP.
  • If a match is found but there are discrepancies:
    • If the discrepancy is something that can be fixed without calling the agency (for example Perm to Temp), the employee's job data will be corrected to match the NYSTEP information.
    • If the discrepancy is something that OSC cannot resolve, the agency, NYSTEP and OSC must seek a resolution.


Bulletin 25, Attachment C

Title & Position Management


  1. Agencies enter data into NYSTEP for new positions and/or titles.

  2. Approved positions/titles are sent to PaySR.

  3. Positions and/or new Job Codes are available for agency use.