Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: 1) Conversion Schedule
2) Agency Readiness Checklist and Training Schedule
Bulletin No. 3
Date: 10/30/97

This Bulletin provides State agencies a schedule for conversion to the new payroll system. It also includes a checklist of steps and tasks required to prepare for conversion, as well as a time schedule for training activities.

1) Conversion Schedule

Conversion to the new payroll system will occur in three phases, beginning on the dates of July 2, September 10, and November 12, 1998. The conversion date for each agency is indicated in Attachment A.

An agency's conversion date will be the basis for scheduling such activities as end user training, workstation set-up, and data purification. Additional details will be provided in each of these areas in the near future.

Several criteria were used for selecting Agencies for particular conversion groups. The primary consideration in scheduling has been to deal most effectively with the workload associated with upcoming raises, bonuses and peak hiring periods, as well as to minimize inconvenience to agencies. Additional factors considered included the following:

Rollout Group 1

All agencies on the Administrative payroll only.

  • 80% of system functionality will be tested using this group of agencies.

Rollout Group 2

  • Agencies with both Administrative and Institutional payrolls.

Rollout Group 3

  • TIAA-CREF Agencies

2) Agency Readiness Checklist and Training Schedule

There are many steps that each agency must take in order to be ready for implementation prior to the conversion date. The attached Agency Readiness Checklist (Attachment B) contains many of the major steps to be tracked in the implementation process.

This checklist will serve as a guide for agency PaySR Implementation Teams, providing time frames for beginning and/or completing the variety of tasks involved in implementation.

Also attached is a page entitled PaySR Training Schedule (Attachment C), which outlines the training activities timetable based on conversion group. For example, agencies scheduled for the July conversion should ensure that their users can work in Windows 95 by April, 1998 so that they will be ready for PaySR training.

Additional information regarding workstation technical requirements, training, data purification, and other conversion-related topics will be forthcoming over the next few months.

Please contact your PaySR Representative with any questions you may have.