Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: Submission Date Reminder
Bulletin No. 38
Date: 10/2/98

This is a reminder to agencies on PaySR to adhere to the submission deadlines as outlined in Bulletin No. 24.

Transactions entered into PaySR on the Miscellaneous Payments/Time Entry panel may ONLY be entered during the time frames listed in that bulletin. For example, the Miscellaneous Payment Submission Dates for Administration 13 Lag and Administration 13 Current were 9/25-10/2. Agencies submitting Miscellaneous Payment files may enter corrections of the work day following the deadline (which, in this case, would be 10/5). Any transactions entered outside the submission dates will not be processed and must be reentered by the agency.

Other transactions entered into PaySR which require audit, such as those on Additional Pay panels or the Job Request Panel, will NOT be processed in time to be included in the next paycheck if they submitted after the online submission deadline shown in the bulletin.

For example, the submission deadline for Administration 13 Lag and Administration 14 Current is today, October 2. If on the following Monday or Tuesday an agency has an urgent transaction that must be included in the 10/22/98 check, the payroll office should contact OSC, as was done under the legacy system. Hires, promotions, and other such transactions entered by an agency after the deadline will not be audited until the next payroll period.

Please remember, as well, that agencies will not be able to enter transactions into PaySR during the conversion of data for the third group of agencies, November 11-17.