Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: Reallocation of the Mail and Supply
Clerk Title Series
Bulletin No. 67
Date:     1/8/99
The Division of the Budget has approved the request to reallocate the Mail and Supply Clerk title series including reclassification of certain positions in the Office Machine Operator title series. The following titles are approved effective November 26, 1998:
  • Reallocation of Mail and Supply Clerk from Grade 5 to Grade 6
  • Reallocation of Senior Mail and Supply Clerk From Grade 7 to Grade 9
  • Reallocation of Principal Mail and Supply Clerk from Grade 11 to Grade 12
  • Reclassification of five positions of Office Machine Operator to Mail and Supply Clerk, grade 6
  • Reclassification of one position of Principal Machine Operator to Principal Mail and Supply Clerk grade 12.

The Department of Civil Service has notified the Office of the State Comptroller of the positions affected by this change. The position information has been changed and the employees’ Job Records have been updated with the new titles and grades.

The agency will need to submit a transaction to make any changes to the employee’s salary, if necessary. They should first verify that the employees’ Job Records have been updated with the new Title and Grade. If the employee’s Job Record has not been updated, the agency should contact Chris Nolette at (518) 474-8990 to have the Position information changed and the employee Job Record updated. The agency should then submit a Pay Change transaction in the Job Action Request Panel, with the appropriate reason code: RAL for a reallocated position or RCL for a reclassified position. The sequence number should be increased by 1 from the Job Data Panel for the transactions effective November 26, 1998. The new salary should be entered in the Pay Rate field. The agency should also verify the employee’s Service Date and Increment Code. If subsequent rows need to be corrected, the agency should insert a row on the Job Action Request Panel with the Action of Pay Change and the Reason of CSL Cor Sal. Since these changes will be retroactive, the adjustment will automatically be calculated. It will not be necessary to submit an adjustment in the Time Entry Panel.

Questions concerning the Pay Changes should be directed to Judy Holsapple in the Salary Determination Unit at (518) 486-3093.